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[Five Quotes Five Drabbles] Random Feelings

Five Quotes Five Drabbles

Random Feelings

Cast: OC’s & EXO-K Members

Genre: Random

Rating: PG

Don’t copy. Don’t bash.



The Grindelwald Effect [Chapter 2]

Chapter 2
Wizarding Guardian

November the first had been a perfectly normal day for Petunia Dursley. She had gotten up and made breakfast for her husband and son. 4,279 more words



“Oh, just to be with you is having the best day of my life…” —Dido

When Toby arrived home that evening, Chris was asleep on the couch with one arm folded underneath his head and one foot tucked under the afghan. 1,751 more words

Short Stories

...inside a world you did not create.

You can’t take credit for any of this. You were drug along ruthlessly by forces much greater than any force you could possibly produce of your own volition. 2,741 more words

Life Projects

...and you are living inside a quiet enclave.

The entire outer wall of the enclave on all sides has been outfitted with noise-cancelling technology. You will hear the sounds of the city when you are ready to hear them. 1,514 more words


Oh, My!

Oh, My!


Zola Kharisa

Main Cast(s): Kim Tae-Hee, Song Seung-Heon

Sub-Cast(s): Han Hyo-Joo, Jang Na-Ri, Nam Shin-Dong, Lee Ha-Ra

Genre: AU, Family, Fluff

Rating: 2,948 more words