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Kagoule - 'It Knows It' Review

Fuzzy rocksters Kagoule’s latest track ‘It Knows It’ is as insular and fuzzy as we expect from the band. Imagine if you took the best elements of the recent shoegaze revival and mixed it with The Smashing Pumpkins, and you’ll be close to this track. 126 more words


Grand Ledge bluesy funk rock band debuts new album, "Wherever We Land"

Story by Sarah Spohn, WLNZ 89.7

Everything you ever loved about ’90s music is back, and better than ever. I’m not talking about the sugary pop teenagers like Brittany or Christina, I mean the grunge — the good stuff. 1,405 more words

Michigan Musicians

This is not your ordinary pump

If, like me, you are getting tired of pumps, their banality and general lack of zest, this post is for you. Sure they are great go-to’s but when you’re practically living in them daily it gets boring. 99 more words


ACDC - Thunderstruck

Self-explanatory… I was thunderstruck the first time I heard this instant classic. One of those songs that can ignite a party at any time! #TBT


Sparks - Imogen Heap

In recent years, Imogen Heap has accumulated a bit of a reputation as an experimenter. Her previous album Ellipse was pretty normal in most respects. However, the album wasfull of sounds recorded from objects around her house and worked into various songs, and “Earth” was done entirely using sounds made by Imogen herself, whether they were clapping, mouth noises or singing. 660 more words

Imogen Heap

Sonic Boom Six - 'The Boom Needs You!'

Some of the catchiest pieces of music ever written were conceived as advertising jingles. Whether it’s Go Compare’s opera singer or McDonalds’ I’m Lovin’ It… 206 more words