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Today is the first day of my last semester of Uni. I’m really looking forward to uni being over, but at the same time, I really don’t want uni to be over! 78 more words


Green Military.

Today was a good day. The only downside of having a good day is that it wasn’t very eventful, so my words will be a bit boring this evening. 98 more words


Mint Flowers

School holidays is over, so I had my first proper day of work in two weeks! My job is teaching flute and it’s ridiculously fun. I love being able to share my passion for music with others. 169 more words


Check Mate.

My Boyfriend and I went shopping today, and this is what I wore.

Cape: Handmade, Vest: Bodyline, Skirt: Handmade, Tights: Myer, Socks: Ebay, Shoes: Converse. 72 more words


Hexagional mayhem

Today 3/4’s of my band got together to catch up on general band stuffs and make art for our upcoming ep release. I got bassist Tim to take these photo’s before we went for a skate as a break from being holed up in the kitchen and buried beneath art supplies. 119 more words


Apples and Cats

Whenever I’m feeling remotely blah, the colour I reach for to make my day better is green. It’s such a bright, cheery and underrated colour. 220 more words


Pixies and paperwork

Ugh, I keep forgetting to photographise my shoes.

I had to go into Ourimbah Campus today to run some errands (which involved way to much paper work) and decided to grabĀ  a few shots of my outfit on the front lawn. 120 more words