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Jalapeño Guacamole #5

Guacamole is one of those dishes that seems like it’s gonna be a pain, but in reality it’s like the pizza of mexican food: there’s a buncha ways to do it but it will never come out terrible. 190 more words


Do I dare refute legendary adman, David Abbot's treatise on "gang-bangs?" Indeed, squire I do!

To: Agency Re: Gang Bangs

Much cheering has gone out for a resurfaced 1994 memo written by the legendary UK adman, David Abbot (Abbot, Meade, Vickers) proclaiming contempt that his agency could take part in the practice of “gang bangs.” Lest ye shudder at the onerous term, in Adland gang-banging means throwing numerous creative teams at a single project, thereby pitting colleagues against one another, in hopes of winning a pitch or retaining a client. 813 more words

Before You Throw Out Those Empty Altoids Tins....

I am an Altoids user. I buy in bulk and they are my goto breath freshener. I LOVE the tins and hate to throw them out! 62 more words



One of the most effective ways to keep the mouth refreshed is the use of mint. From the ancient times, it gained importance in the field of medicine for its refreshing oils that prevented tooth and stomach ache. 367 more words


Altoids Survival Kit: Aruba v1.0

There are a number of very creative survival kits out there, some of them packed into an Altoids Mints tin. I decided to make my own version, specifically designed for use on the island of Aruba. 35 more words