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30 Uses for a Mini BBQ Grill

Not just any mini BBQ grill – but one made from a discarded Altoids can. Useful or useless? You decide! To help you choose, my good ol’ buddy¬† 257 more words


Active aero on a RC car ? - Pt.1

Is it possible ? Mostly for fun, i decided to give it a try…
Using a trusty PICAXE-18M2 mcu, a 3-axis accelerometer, a couple of cheap servos and my 20+ yrs old Tamiya Manta Ray, it was all a matter of putting it together and writing a few dozen lines of code. 17 more words


Grocery List: February 23, 2014 (An Ode to Altoids and a Raw Oyster)

There was a period of time where I didn’t leave the house without my wallet, keys, phone and a tin of Altoids. For about 7 or 8 years, there was always a tin of the peppermint-flavored mints in my pocket, on my desk, at my press row seat in the Carrier Dome, or atop the kitchen counter. 476 more words


Altoid Tin DIY projects

If you have one regular, larger size Altoids tin (empty), you can (with the right tools and necessary accessories), create iPod carrying systems, one speaker cases, two speaker cases, USB/ PSP/ battery cahrger, flash drive carrying cases, flash drives period, battery testers, LED testers, flashlights, a small grill, an 1/8″ stereo line mixer, an amplifier, an emergency radio, flash media carrying case, a sander, a wireless or wired mouse, , a USB hub, a fan, motion activated ghost projector, an actual MP4 player, a laser, guitars, FM transmitters, headphone mixing amps, or even as the case for a Raspberry Pi computer. 98 more words