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Syria's struggle

Over the past two years civil war in Syria has escalated, but who really suffers? Is it the government or the economy-when isn’t it the women and children who really suffer? 491 more words


From Sage Hill: Are Our Children Thankful For Their Inheritance?

An inspiring Thanksgiving message about family philanthropy by Philip J. Toffel, Esq., CEO of Sage Hill Advisory & Management:

I find that many of my friends, family and I truly think about how thankful we are … for the somewhat obvious health, happiness, friends, family…but also, in many cases, thankful to have been taught and mentored to feel good about ourselves. 195 more words


Opinion: How to Avoid Seasonal 'Charitable Giving Guilt'

From the New York Times:

I love this time of year, except for one teeny, tiny thing: charitable giving guilt. You know exactly what I’m talking about. 86 more words


Giving Tuesday Shows Strong Growth in Both Donations and Volunteerism

From the Chronicle of Philanthropy:

Giving Tuesday showed strong growth on two fronts in 2014. The amount of cash raised increased 64 percent over 2013, according to one estimate. 65 more words


From CDPHP’s Daily Dose blog:

The holiday season is here, and many people like to give back during this time of year. With nearly 1 million public charities…

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Altruism means self-sacrifice, not benevolence

Despite the positive connotations of benevolence and kindness that most people hold for altruism, that is not what this moral code means. The Encyclopedia of Ethics gives this definition (under ‘Theories of the Good’): “altruism is the policy of always denying oneself for the sake of others.” In other words, every time you attempt to achieve a value—food, a job, a promotion, a gold medal, profit, you must give it up for someone else who needs it more than you do. 683 more words

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Visions of Red Cups Danced in their Heads

The children were all nestled snug in their beds…while visions of filled red cups danced in their heads

Last night, in many homes, children went to bed with a new understanding of what Thanksgiving means. 288 more words