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Why Is Altruism?

One of the most baffling questions in evolutionary biology is why humans are altruistic, that is, engaging in behavior that has benefit to others but not to oneself.   915 more words


Bad Guys Are Characters Too!

It ain’t easy writin’ sleazy.

I think we can all agree that it’s much more difficult to be a good guy than it is to be a bad guy.   681 more words

Bad Guys

Aversion to capitalism

After we covered the main moral codes–altruism, egoism, and cynical exploitation–in my MBA business ethics course, my students report that they are all egoists (I do tell them that egoism isn’t automatic but requires knowledge of what constitutes one’ self-interest). 710 more words


Everyone's a Good Guy

Why is everyone so much nicer than me?

This is probably not something that goes through most people’s heads.  You’d think it would be, given the amount of time you tend to think, “Wow, that guy’s a jerk,” or, “What could possibly make him think  779 more words

Bad Guys

Thoughts Are Things. By;- Mike j Hughes

It is well-known that within 8 seconds of meeting some one we have already made an opinion as to who they are ,whatever that may mean!. 315 more words