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Business is a moral endeavor

When I tell people that I teach business ethics, I am often told that it is an oxymoron because business cannot be moral. That view is common, thanks to the wide acceptance of altruism as a moral code. 676 more words

Business Ethics

From the WSJ: How Philanthropy is Changing

Philanthropist Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen is energetically waving her hands in the air. Wired on her favorite coffee—hazelnut Taster’s Choice—the Stanford University philanthropy professor says that she’s excited about how technology is changing the way people give. 37 more words


Three confusions in business ethics: selfishness, altruism and personal values

There seems to be three issues central to business ethics about which most people are confused: selfishness, altruism, and personal values. These are serious because they prevent people from acting ethically (and not just in business): achieving their values and flourishing. 683 more words

Business Ethics

Selflessness is not a virtue

Most people take it for granted that selflessness is a virtue. In business, altruism—always putting others first, selfless service to a company,“servant leadership”—is praised as the ultimate expression of virtue. 717 more words