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Common Knowledge Makes Us More Cooperative

If human beings are presented with truth and knowledge, they can then act in the best interest of themselves, their families, their friends and the common man. 489 more words


The sevens, and the eights, they add up.

I dumped a bucket of ice water over my head last night because I thought it would be fun. For some reason I was the one person in the group who was really excited to do it. 1,262 more words



Shallow those sounds are so
Leave all tonight
Don’t try saying no
Shine, shine all bright

The sparks you hold in your hands
Are seen on all lands… 99 more words


Make The Best Of It

I’m not always in the best situation… but I can always make the best of every situation.

We all have our problems & that will never change… it’s how we react to them & how we let them affect us that really matters. 57 more words

Good for the Heart

I remember discussing in an undergraduate philosophy class (is there anything worse?) whether there can exist such a thing as pure altruism. When we give, we tend to get something in return, whether it’s an umbrella in exchange for a donation to our local PBS station or just the good feeling we get when we do something helpful. 390 more words


The "Ice Bucket Challenge" is Great: Detractors Beware, I Have a Story to Tell

July 21, 2012: It’s the small things in life, it really is. Whoever tells you otherwise probably took those things for granted, and at some point, will regret it. 1,068 more words

Sports And Life And Faith, Oh My

Happier Challenge: Spread a Little Kindness

Are you ready to be happier this week? Kick it off with our challenge and you’re sure to find a little extra spring in your step, we promise. 173 more words

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