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Cure for hoarding: A garage sale.

Take 60% of your stuff, hold a garage sale, and donate the proceeds to charity. (And monitor the charity to make sure the money is going to where it needs to go.) 24 more words

How much makes a difference?

This article originally appeared on The Life You Can Save.

On a recent trip to New York City, I was disappointed to find that all the tours of the Steinway Piano Factory in Queens were booked solid until October.  711 more words


Playboy VS Mother Teresa...

If you are a playboy then the cost of your happiness is an innocent (or ignorant!) girl’s respect. If you are mother Teresa then you find happiness in burning your life to restore health and happiness in the life of others. 155 more words


New Things

Today was a refreshing day of first-times.

I bought my first ever Scantron for my midterm:

Yes, you heard me, first EVER. We don’t use Scantrons in Europe; in fact, we kinda laugh at Americans and your cute little multiple-choice questions ;) But, I needed one for my film class (!) on Thursday, so I made my first ever visit to the campus bookstore. 497 more words


blessing the earth on earth day!

Today is Earth Day! A day to honor and bless our Mother Earth. Contemplating today, I remembered what I wrote some years ago for the website of… 121 more words


Talk, Touch, and Plan: Lessons on How We Die

Nursing Clio is happy to welcome guest author Karla Erickson. Karla is Associate Professor of Sociology at Grinnell College, where she teaches courses on sexuality, theory, labor and privilege. 1,291 more words


Sister Michelle reblogged this on Highest Good News and commented:

This book looks like a valuable addition to your personal knowledge base regarding caring for our elders. Being prepared as an individual, family or tribal member for the end of life of loved ones is critical for making informed and compassionate choices which honor and help those who are on their way out of this life, and into 'the mystery'. I am so thankful to be introduced to this authors work.

Between the Showers - A Ray of Rusty Light

We had almost half an inch of rain last night, and showers drum on the roof off and on today.  The sun will light up the gardens as I make a run for the Big House, across the wet stones of the patio.   456 more words

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