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Can a selfless act exist? (continued)

We’ve explored how all actions are selfish in the sense that all actions are committed with ones self in mind. The word selfish doesn’t actually represent the concept I’m speaking of because in the philosophical realm the words selfish and selfless are useless. 247 more words


True compassion is always in union with wisdom

This week a patient arrived in a state of abject grief. A teen he knew had committed suicide. “I couldn’t sleep; so I tried offering the parents of this child lovingkindness. 428 more words

Buddhist Psychology

Selfless Or Selfish?

Motives mean everything!

When my life sucked & I asked why… I was told it was because I was selfish.

I refused to believe that… I was nice to people, I did things for people, I was loving & caring & giving… or so I thought. 71 more words

People put limits on others, based upon their own understanding/awareness/capacity.

It is interesting how people put ‘absolutes’ and ‘limits’ in their thinking, based upon their own capacity and their own abilities, or something they read that reinforces their own belief. 304 more words

Working for the benefit of others.

With perfect and unyielding faith,
With steadfastness, respect and courtesy,
With conscientiousness and awe,
Work calmly for the happiness of others.

From the Way of the Bodhisattva
Skt. Bodhicaryavatara

Daily Dharma Quotes

Are You Fucking Serious.

If someone compliments you and says something like “Oh thank you so much for helping me out the other day!” Are you seriously just going to say “can you stop trying to seek my attention?” … 219 more words