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Review: Home, Sweet Home

Home, Sweet Home by Amitis Karami

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh, that was adorable! I loved the illustrations and the sweet story.

Though I found the poetry forced. 174 more words


Kind Acts Bucket List

A big thank you to Jessica, who runs the incredible blog Turquoise Compass, for giving me the opportunity to share my guest post on her blog. 766 more words

Bucket List

Acts of kindness

Altrusim has become a side-project for many people. We are encouraged to spread happiness and foster community by posting pictures of things that we are grateful for and doing one kind thing for a stranger each day. 179 more words

Ways to Give Back in a World Without Money

(originally published on Pravassa Wellness Travel Website on May 28, 2014.)

The dawning of spring and subsequent theme of rebirth always have a way of nudging me to reevaluate my life: my choices, my actions, who I am as a person.I’ve realized that my life is, … 747 more words


How a university library is periodically cleansed

Dalrymple’s copy of the book pictured at right was deaccessioned from a university library. The librarian

took advantage of the fact that it had not been borrowed since October 17, 1977, only four years after its publication, to disembarrass his institution of yet another book so uselessly cluttering up the library shelves.

61 more words

Spiritual Spiral


Acquiring spiritual realm is an iterative process. You acquire some knowledge, practice wisdom, experience togetherness, and move a little bit into oblivion. That is one spiritual cycle. 340 more words


Nice Guys Finish Last?

“Nice guys finish last”… that’s just not true.

Being kind, considerate & polite while trying to manipulate people doesn’t make me a ‘nice guy.’

In order to actually be a nice guy… I have to be genuinely kind & loving… I have to be giving ‘freely’ of myself to others. 58 more words