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Altruism is Dead: Why Volunteering Benefits Volunteers

People are always trying to tell you to do things selflessly, I know there has been a lot of talk about our generation being self absorbed, ungrateful and indignant. 131 more words

The Benefits Of Being Altruistic.

Altruism is putting the needs of others before our own, the concern for the wellness of others. Many of us get so caught up with our busy and stressful lives that it becomes difficult to think about helping others, or donating time and money. 170 more words


This time I'll do better

I’d like to lie down, on a field or some grass, and stay there for an indefinite amount of time. No phone, no family, no friends and, more important, no reality. 106 more words

Altruistic Entrepreneur?

altruism: unselfish concern for the welfare of others

altruistic: of or motivated by altruism

entrepreneur: a person who organizes and manages a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of profit… 689 more words


Mississippi Moon/Feels Right

Our muses can be a backdrop to tragedy or romance or maybe both.   Like a land lost or perhaps never appreciated.    The neglected places evoke memories of a secret nightmare in a three-dimensionable world  both exclusive and shared with one or more. 66 more words

The most altruistic person I know

Ami Patel Hopkins

I thought it would be fun to write an acrostic for the most altruistic person I know.  I met Ami Patel in college in our community service sorority.  220 more words

This Is Me

A Frozen Pond

A frozen pond or a pile of cash,

I will take the things that last.

Past houses and past the pine,

Past the places with too many signs. 20 more words