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Monday on My Mind January 26, 2015

Giving of Yourself

Are you altruistic??? Do you know what “altruistic” means??? According to Dictionary.com, “altruistic” is defined as “unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others“. 85 more words

Monday On My Mind

This could get really boring!

I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that children mirror the behaviour of the adults they’re with.   Or something like that.  I’m not sure whether I have actually read it or whether I’ve imagined it.   286 more words

Child Related

My Journey Into Egg Donation: First Egg Donation consultation!

My first egg donation consultation is all booked for the 9th of Match! At the Lister Hospital in Chelsea…. Very fancy!! So so excited to get started.  12 more words


What Matters Most!

If I were born with cataracts in both my eyes and all I could see were my dreams,  would life be worth living?  And I were deaf and I never heard Mozart or Beethoven would my life be in vain?   795 more words


Split Personalities

Unless you live under a very large boulder, or have decided to not let things with a screen rule your life, you have Facebook, and if you have Facebook then in the past couple months there is a large possibility that you have both noted and participated in the “16 Personalities” test. 672 more words

The birth day

Well. We are parents. And what a wonderful thing that is to be able to write.

The birth of our son on 12 December was as momentous, moving and joyous as we anticipated it would be. 811 more words

Wooden Monuments.

I am building a tower and it will be built upon by the hands of time.    It will be finessed and  the etchings carved into marbleized histories,  remnants left for consideration.   246 more words