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The Letter G

Whoever has been broken in this has been blessed.  With our filthy fingers rummaging and pawing through the refuse of shattered dreams and to hopelessness in the rubble of mankind.     297 more words


Gate Keepers

As we know more about a lot, we master nothing.    We toil and strive and then concede,  ultimately wallowing in the muck and mire of our own personal experiences.   453 more words


15 weeks, healthy and a boy!

You can learn a lot in the space of a few weeks. And your outlook can change significantly as a result. Of course this is the case for most, if not all aspects of life, but right now I’m talking about pregnancy. 499 more words

Of Taxi Service and Altruism

A Year of Being Kind blog –Sunday, June 15, 2014

Of Taxi Service and Altruism

Music is awesome! Since I studied a music major for my undergraduate degree, I absolutely concur. 407 more words