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I am blessed, walking into the fire, crawling on broken glass, and comfortably sinking into the quicksand of my delusional pain. It’s not so much the chasing of dreams; they were always pure in conception, just miserably executed thanks to questionable intentions. 856 more words


Is that too much to ask for?

Sometimes I ask myself if I’m friend-material. Yesterday I asked my mother if I had good qualities and she listed some things that even I have never noticed: 201 more words

There Is No Altruism

Everybody of us is just doing everything he does for himself (Psychological egoism). There is nothing that a person does fully altruistic. No act you will ever fulfil no matter how highly is seems to will ever be fully altruistic. 467 more words



Somos: buenos, inteligentes, inspiradores, motivadores, fuertes, dedicados, amorosos, hermanos, amigos, confidentes, alegres, hijos, consejeros, sinceros, bondadosos, exitosos, polifacéticos, intuitivos, admirables, humildes, leales, artísticos, respetuosos, positivos, diversos, capaz de lo incapaz, guías, luz, honrados, genuinos, únicos, entusiastas, talentosos, enérgicos, conciliadores, ingeniosos, valientes, perseverantes, adaptables, afectuosos, carismáticos, responsables, nobles, prudentes, colaboradores, flexibles, armoniosos, ecuánimes, determinados, curiosos, heroicos, apasionados, encantadores, activos, confiables, analíticos, generosos, románticos, racionales, obedientes, comprensivos, ordenados, sanos, emprendedores, valiosos. 64 more words


The Altrustic Brother.

Most of my blogs have been deeply connected to my youngest son, Kian, who is one with special needs. Kian has a brother, he is four years old and he will tell you that he loves Kian soooooooo much. 425 more words

Altruism is Dead: Why Volunteering Benefits Volunteers

People are always trying to tell you to do things selflessly, I know there has been a lot of talk about our generation being self absorbed, ungrateful and indignant. 214 more words

The Benefits Of Being Altruistic.

Altruism is putting the needs of others before our own, the concern for the wellness of others. Many of us get so caught up with our busy and stressful lives that it becomes difficult to think about helping others, or donating time and money. 170 more words