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Proof that the earth isn't flat....

The earth’s curvature is quite pronounced around these parts.

In fact, you’ll be lucky to see the other side of the road in places…


Hot stuff

The Schillerplatz’s mass-planting of Impatiens hawkeri aka New Guinea Impatiens – basically a Busy Lizzie with a college education


If you immediately associated this....

…withe Canaletto, then I’d say that was very perspective..er.. perceptive of you..

Emmerich-Josef-Strasse from ground level


Umbram castra

That’s shadow castle to you.

Taken in Acker, a narrow dead-end street that leads to the Breitenbachstrasse (and Kaffee Kommune II) and keeps me away from the murderous Gaustrasse traffic


And the Lord said....

…let there be skylights

This is what goes for aircon in these parts….


Old? This isn't OLD....

The first St Stephan zu Mainz was built in 991 as a side project to the building of the cathedral. (Willigis, the first bishop of Mainz, had a hand in both.) 86 more words