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Why You Need to “Cross the Streams” on Social Media

Egon Spengler: “Don’t cross the streams.”

Peter Venkman: “Why?”

Spengler: “It would be bad.”

Venkman: “I’m fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing. 872 more words

What 'Graduating with Honors' Really Mean

Throughout my college life I always fall short. I submitted projects past the deadlines; I never took notes; I burned the midnight oil not with books but with blogs; I never listened to professors who aren’t worth listening to; I focused on the Student Council rather than in the academics; I never wanted to just listen, I wanted to experience. 379 more words

Lessons I Recently Learned

UCLA Information Studies: Fields of Endeavor || Featuring Kelly A. Kolar (Middle Tennessee State University)

SAA @ UCLA presents “UCLA Information Studies: Fields of Endeavor.” The Fields of Endeavor series introduces UCLA Library and Information Studies program graduates and current interns who are out in the field taking knowledge learned in the program and putting it to use! 840 more words

Taking it to the Next Level with Twitter

If you believe almost EVERY romantic film ever made, there comes a time when a relationship reaches  687 more words