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I am Pavlov's Dog + Other Thoughts on Connectedness

In a moment of self awareness, I realized I’ve been conditioned to respond to external stimuli. Specifically, anytime my phone goes off. Let us examine. 399 more words


What I learned negotiating with Steve Jobs by Heidi Roizen via Always On


Amusing and educational article by Heidi Roizen on her negotiation with Steve Jobs in the NeXT computer days when she was founder of T/Maker. 30 more words


Editorial regulars: the first step to always on

It’s one of the hottest topics in content marketing. A quick Google search throws up thousands of results professing to help you do it, but why is building an audience so important? 880 more words


Want to Succeed As a Real-Time Brand? Know When to Protect Yourself

Our guest blog this month is by Kevin King, Global Head of Edelman Digital.  Kevin is speaking at the Marketing Institute DMX Dublin 2014, Ireland’s largest digital marketing conference where he will be discussing  Building living brands in a real-time world.   700 more words

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