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Wrestling with the always-on social web, and trying to relearn the value of boredom

Sometimes I try to remember what it was like to be bored — not the boredom of a less-than-thrilling job assignment or a forced conversation with someone dull, but the mind-numbing, interminable boredom I remember from before the web. 915 more words

Perils of pitching for professional services

I’ve only ever known one agency CMO. So this is going to be biased. But he was rubbish.

It wasn’t his fault: he’d been turfed from his proper job and this was kind of an anti-redundancy sop to him. 826 more words

New Business

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The 'always on' consumer and the dancing poo

There has been a lot in the press recently about marketing to the ‘always-on’ consumer. And I know the frustration of being somewhere and not getting signal or being able to get online, so I can understand the desire for that. 490 more words

Sharon Holland