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Alwayson Availability group from SQL Server 2012 to 2014

Alwayson availability group has come to the SQL Server World with very new features such as readable secondaries. Today I tried to setup availability group for a database from SQL Server 2012 to SQL server 2014 . 130 more words

Using microsoft azure for SQL database backup and restore.

msSQL2014 has a feature to backup local database into azure storage container.

Quick steps:

  1. Create a microsoft azure account, login, go to storage, create a storage, inside the storage create a container.
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msSQL2014 AlwaysON transparent data encryption(TDE)

Quick note:

SQL management studio dont allow encrypted database to be added from the GUI. So we have the following work around to have encrypted database in msSQL2014 AlwaysON.

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msSQL2014 encrypted backup

msSQL2014 offers encrypted backup into local or share or cloud(azure) backup.

Quick notes:

  1. Create a database master key
  2. Create a certificate
  3. select a new media set, certificate and location to take the backup in local/share disk…
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msSQL2014 AlwaysON solution design diagram

msSQL2014 AlwaysON support automatic failover( either on node failure or network failure or service failure) to secondary node without any data loss in 3-6 sec. 107 more words


msSQL2014 AlwaysON Troubleshooting tips

You may get error or warnings are different levels of configuration and installation. Case by case basis the error reasons can be identified. You may contact me to know my experiences however Prime troubleshooting points I have listed below. 270 more words


How to create a microsoft 2012 Failover cluster for msSQL2014 AlwaysON?


A complete windows failover cluster installation and configuration is not needed for msSQL2014 AlwaysON feature. Rather winows failover cluster service configure with 2 or more nodes added in cluster is sufficient.

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