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Physiological Changes To The Brain Caused By Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is arguably the most difficult disease a human being and his or her loved ones can go through. It is difficult to describe exactly what it is, because nobody knows… and nobody ever will know the details of this sometimes outright cruel disease. 970 more words


NHS vs Local Authority payment for care

I’ve been reading up on what a nursing care assessment is for, why Mum’s care home might have requested one, and who pays for the nursing care if it’s decided that Mum needs it. 720 more words


"When you know better, you do better." Maya Angelou

When I retired and closed my store (a children’s clothing store), I never dreamt that within a couple of months I would be caring for my parents who were coping with my father’s “sudden” onset of Alzheimer’s disease. 668 more words

Alzheimer's Disease

4 Surprising Things Your Nose Can Tell You About Your Health

No one appreciates their sense of smell when they pass a trash heap or accidentally step in dog poop. But your nose knows a lot—not just when things stink. 376 more words

Medical marijuana is a fact

We have governments still pretending that marijuana has no medical benefits. Luckily for ill people there is an increasing body of research disproving government propaganda… 41 more words


Video of the Day: Bell Biv Devoe- "Poison" featuring Seth Rogen & Lauren Miller Rogen

Can we just take a step back and revel in how cute Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller Rogen are?!?  Fundraising for Alzheimer’s research + Bell Biv Devoe + the Rogens = 

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Why sleep is crucial (neuroscience)

“when you sleep, it clears your mind, and when you don’t sleep, it leaves your mind murky”

“And what’s amazing is that no other organ takes quite this approach to clearing away the waste from between its cells.  155 more words