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Makeup that can stand the heat

(KTVI)- Keeping your makeup looking good on a hot and humid day can be difficult.

Sonja Shin, a beauty expert, has some suggestions for makeup that can beat the heat. 27 more words

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St. Louis reality TV show "BAPs" premieres Wednesday night

(KTVI)- The “Lifetime Network” has kicked off a new reality show based right here in St. Louis.

It’s called “BAPs”, and one of the show’s stars, Rai Rai, talks about the show and what to expect. 38 more words

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4 Hands Brewing and Llywelyn's Pub gearing up for Wednesday

(KTVI)- We are in midway through the St. Louis Craft Beer Week.

Martin Toft, a brewer from 4 Hands Brewing, and Tom Behnen, the Director of Operations at Llywelyn’s Pub, come into the studio to talk about a couple more events for the craft beer week. 68 more words

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Instagram's impact on aspiring fashion models

(KTVI)- The internet and cell phones are bringing everything closer together, and that’s also the case for high fashion models.

Mary Clarke, a co-owner of Mother Model Management, talks with Randi about the impact of the internet and social media, specifically Instagram, has had for their model searches. 38 more words

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Humane Society's "Longmeadow Rescue Ranch" cares for large animals

(KTVI)- When you think of the Humane Society, dogs and cats are probably the first animals you think of. However, the Longmeadow Rescue Ranch helps so many more. 83 more words

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Posh Event Cottages offers fancy porta potties

(KTVI) – When you gotta go, you gotta go, and that includes garden parties and outdoor weddings.

Gregory Haug, the President of Posh Event Cottages, talks about his fancy outdoor restroom facilities. 47 more words

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23rd Annual St. Louis Tap Festival

(KTVI)- The 23rd Annual St. Louis Tap Festival is dancing along this week, and one of the featured dancers has quite a story.

Evan Ruggiero lost his right leg in 2009 due to Osteosarcoma, which is a rare bone cancer. 78 more words

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