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Forget all the Rules and WRITE!!!

A friend of mine asked me, “What’s the secret to writing?”

I replied, “Ditch the rules and just write.”

It’s not complicated, people. Writing is as simple as you want to make it. 96 more words


30 days of writing prompts.

Leaving this a bit late to start, due to NaNoWriMo being right round the corner, but I have decided to try and do 30 days of writing to prompts, starting today.   141 more words

A Timeline of My NaNoWriMo Inner Dialogue: Optimist vs Realist

Mid October – The Big Reveal

Optimist Lori: I’m going to DO this! Yes, I’m doing this! Let’s tell the world! Woo hoo!

Realist Lori:  I have two big work trips, one child’s birthday, and Thanksgiving next month. 494 more words

Am Writing

Extract from The Fartyland Affair

His Business
Phil Larken

His is the business of being wreathed
In underpants around his neck
The heady odours seduce his braincells
With the emphasis on usura… 50 more words

Articles Relevant To Kishmot's Stories

ARISTOPHANES BROWN - The Curious Case of the Moving Ceiling

“I warned you this sort of thing might happen ‘Ari! It’s the consequence of the machine’s operation.” Lady Alexia Laplace was lying on the floor, her ivory shirt, riding jodphurs and boots looking rather dusty and distressed. 555 more words



Nanowrimo, what does that mean to you?

To some people it is a time that comes around where loved ones are pushed aside to get to the finish line of 50 thousand words before the end of the 30th. 217 more words

Writing Yourself Into a Corner

I just returned from attending the 2nd Annual Women’s Writing Retreat in Malaga, Spain. The retreat was hosted at Bambu Resort, an incredibly beautiful locale. The retreat was lead by Victoria of… 212 more words