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IV. Me As I Am

                Gabby walked into the room and stopped.  She looked around and realized she must have walked into the wrong door. Though Gabby knew it was the second on the left but she had to have been wrong.  2,237 more words

Am Writing

For me God is habit

For me God is habit.

“He has the irritating habit of biting his nails.” “You need to change your eating habits.” OR “I’d prefer you not to make a habit of it.” 303 more words


A Short Break from Re-Writes

…To Show the most amazing typo I have found in my manuscript so far.

“The air feels hot and dry. I arch my head back and suck in a gulp of hair from above. “

Okay. Back to editing.

Am Writing

What's new, pussycat?

Well HELLO there.  It’s so nice to see you again.  How are you?  How’s life?

Me? Oh, I’m fine.  I’m great. I’m MARVELOUS.


Well, it might have something to do with my own… 314 more words

Indie Author

Frank and the river

Once upon a time our world was an even stranger place than it is now, believe it or not.

In this world were forests, and these were magical, enchanted places, where curious and often miraculous occurrences took place. 553 more words


@landlocks -- Maria Gray

@landlocks– Instagram

she rents out a room in an upper chamber of my heart,
paying by the month until she grows bored of such
a dusty, overpriced place to stay and… 176 more words


Stories within Stories

In this newest work of mine, there are stories within stories: there are multiple beginnings, multiple middles, and multiple endings within the overall beginning, middle, and end. 337 more words