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Cops: The Reality Show...

After the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, there’s been talk about police officer wearing cameras. It seems like a reasonable idea but as I recall, the Rodney King beating was videotaped and Tarantino could have filmed the… 251 more words

Social Commentary

The Diametric White Chick Who’s Pissed

Malcolm X… approaching a building with three of his associates when a young white woman momentarily blocks his path and asks what she, as a white person, can do to help his cause.

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Hunting Game

Neither eloquent poetry, nor well-constructed lines of prose are enough to convey the impact of your actions. In fact, your corruption isn’t worthy of being immortalized through these noble art forms. 684 more words

Not Quite Prose

Children of color are children, too.

This summer I had the pleasure of working with approximately 50 Black and Latin@ students, ranging from ages three to 12. Every day I arrived for work, and the students would wave me over, either just to greet me or to tell me something about their day so far. 513 more words

The Price of Bread & Gas

Our eyes have been too busy watching bread and gas prices rise, our mouths couldn’t find time to ask why black lives can still be purchased for wooden nickels.

How Murderers of Black Men Go Free

A couple of days ago, the news came out that Eric Garner’s death was ruled a homicide.

The very first time I saw the video and the reaction that followed, I knew that the police officers in the video would be crucified by the public. 932 more words