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Flashback ! Amal Alamuddin to a wedding in 2009

Today a flashback in 2009, when Amal Alamuddin attended a family/friends wedding in 2009. She always had a sense of style and this glimmering dress is so gorgeous.


Propagating ‘Ilm (Sacred Knowledge)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Notes from a lesson of Bukhāri Sharīf (5/9/14), taught by Hadhrat Muftī Ibrāhīm Raja Sāhib (dāmat barakātuhum):

‘Ilm (Sacred Knowledge) has two rights: to act upon it and to propagate it. 357 more words


Is George Clooney’s wife Amal the most fascinating person of 2014?

Well according to Barbara Walters she is for tying down George Clooney. Barbara Walters said Amal tying down George “was really one of the greatest achievements in human history.” 136 more words

Hollywood Gossip


Barbara Walters is into some high level shit. She’s down an Illuminati rabbit hole so deep you’d come out the other end wiping Morlock poop off your shoes. 334 more words

Laugh At Teh Silly Girl

Empat Masalah yang Wajib bagi Setiap Manusia untuk Mempelajarinya

Empat masalah yang wajib bagi setiap manusia untuk mempelajarinya:

  1. Ilmu, yaitu mengenal Allah, mengenal Nabi-Nya dan mengenal Agama Islam dengan dalil-dalilnya
  2. Amal, yaitu mengamalkan ilmu tersebut…
  3. 108 more words