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THEATRE REVIEW: The Nether, Royal Court Theatre

2 August 2014

Recently I reviewed fledgling theatre company Pivot Theatre’s production of Gulf, on behalf of A Younger Theatre; although it had its merits, for me it didn’t engage powerfully enough with the dark topics of child pornography and paedophilia that it attempted to explore. 444 more words


The Nether

This is a clever but disturbing play that will be hard to talk about without spoiling it, but I’ll try. If you’re planning to go, you may wish to stop here. 268 more words


Review: Jennifer Haley's The Nether, presented by Headlong, at the Royal Court Theatre Downstairs

- Don’t you feel pain?
– Only as much as I want to.
– And how much pain is that?
– That’s rather personal, don’t you think? 491 more words


The Nether - Royal Court. ***

Sims is taken into questioning by Morris, an investigator of the virtual world The Hideaway that Sims has created where clients are able to act out their desire with the star of this world, the little girl Iris.  337 more words

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A lack of logic destablises the virtual world of The Nether

The Nether – Royal Court Theatre, until 09 August 2014 (tickets)

If it is not surprising that there are aspects of the modern world that barely exist on the stage – the sheer ubiquity of mobile phones, the centrality of TV and increasingly the internet to our lives – it doesn’t mean that this is a position that shouldn’t go unchallenged. 555 more words

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Review: The Nether - Royal Court, Downstairs

In the not-so-distant future, the Internet has evolved into a fully immersive artificial reality called ‘the Nether’. Think Minecraft, with bells on. ‘The Nether’ allows its users to construct new identities and inhabit environments (‘realms’) where they are free to live out fantastical double-lives. 582 more words