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Cara Delevingne shines but The Face of an Angel is a self-indulgent mess

‘If you’re going to make a movie, make it a fiction. You cannot tell the truth unless you make it a fiction.’ This is what we’re told by American journalist Simone (Kate Beckinsale) five minutes into The Face of an Angel, a fictionalised account of Meredith Kercher’s headline grabbing murder. 485 more words


Amanda Knox snags a new boyfriend: Convicted killer pictured passionately kissing aspiring rocker in New York - Daily Mail

Being accused of brutally murdering her college roommate apparently hasn’t impacted Amanda Knox’s love life, as the 27-year-old was spotted out this weekend with a new boyfriend in New York. 326 more words


9 New Photos Of Amanda Knox’s Whirlwind New York City Date With Aspiring Musician Colin Sutherland

Though Amanda Knox is awaiting an Italian court’s decision whether or not she will indeed be found guilty of the 2007 murder of fellow exchange student… 29 more words


Amanda Knox And New Rocker Boyfriend Spotted Making Out In New York

Has Amanda Knox started a new life in New York?

Knox, 27, was spotted making out with aspiring rocker Colin Sutherland on the beach and boardwalk at Coney Island in Queens over the weekend. 246 more words


The search for the Femme Fatale ( a.k.a. Witch )

Over many centuries, women have been put on trial, accused of “witch-craft“, or in more recent times of being a “Femme Fatale… 1,695 more words

Jodi Arias

Like So Many American Black Men, Amanda Knox’s Crime Was Being an Outsider

I spent the last few weeks in Italy, where the Ferguson riots were looped endlessly on TV. Alarmed Italian friends one after another took me aside to ask whether America was on the verge of collapsing into a race war. 1,003 more words

Hell hath no fury like... well, you know

I am concerned about these gals, VERY concerned. I am not concerned about the horrible things they did. That is what cops and judges and prisons are for. 327 more words