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TV Show Review: "12 Monkeys" Pilot Episode (2014 - )

It always true that only human are capable of destroying mankind, nothing else. Even though you try to prevent the past from creating a catastrophic future, fate will always come after those who try to stop the unstoppable. 422 more words

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'12 Monkeys' Review - S1 Ep.1 & 2 (Pilot/Mentally Divergent)

Borrowing concepts and character names from the Terry Gilliam film, 12 Monkeys is an intense science fiction drama with enthralling characters, solid performances and a mind bending premise. 1,056 more words


The Shows I'm Watch and You Should Too: 12 Monkeys

So unfortunately this week has been a little off for me. As such I’ve only managed to pull together one blog post, so I’m sorry for that, but hey, what can you do? 436 more words

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12 MONKEYS: Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull Talk the Complexities of Time-Travel Intertwined with Eco-Terrorism (2015)

When you know for certain that the future holds only eminent extinction of the human race, it is incredibly motivating to build a time machine and find a way to fix the past to save the future of all mankind.  5,378 more words

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12 Monkeys premiered and I watched it

12 Monkeys recently premiered on the Sci-Fi channel and it looked pretty good to me, but is missing something, in my opinion.  It’s essentially a retelling of the Terry Gilliam movie in television form, a move that other television shows have done, so that must be the in-thing now.   338 more words


'12 Monkeys' Coverage

Hey — are you watching Syfy’s newest scripted drama, 12 Monkeys? If so, head over to Entertainment Weekly’s Community blog for Joanna’s latest coverage… 65 more words

12 Monkeys on SyFy - S1/E1 Review

Does It Succeed Or Falter?


Ever since Ronald D. Moore’s Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009) ended, and the switch from “Sci Fi” to “SyFy” was implemented, some would say that the network took a turn for the worse. 725 more words