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What to do with amaranth?

My gluten-free amaranth chapatis fell apart easily when I tried to roll out the dough and ended up in small higgeldy piggeldy shapes – nothing like the traditional round roti you would expect. 340 more words

Eat your weeds!

The weeds are having a field day in my garden.

Crowding the kale, tomatoes and green beans are plantain, purslane, lambs-quarters and many other wild edibles, I’m sure. 808 more words

In Season

All About Whole Grains!

Some ancient grains have been popping up more in grocery stores and are rising in popularity for their taste, lack of gluten, and health properties. Enjoy these recipe links and try some new foods this week! 348 more words

AW2014 Chilli

Every year as soon as it starts to get towards the end of summer and we get a few cold days I begin to crave chilli. 248 more words

Soups And Stews

Millet Porridge

I was really annoyed when I was told that I could no longer have oats as part of my diet. I’ve been gluten-free for about 10 years, and all that time I’ve been able to tolerate oats. 327 more words

Gluten Free

Potager Y destroyed by Typhoon 11...

Was away in Indonesia for a while (see report here)…
And when we returned to Japan, Typhoon 11 was there to welcome us…

It has been quite a while since Shikoku has such a massive typhoon coming straight on… 525 more words