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1/28/15 Return to My 10-Story Home

I have always loved coffee shops and, in my pre-parenting days, made a point of knowing every cafe within a 5-mile radius of my home. It was on one of these cafe crawls of drip discovery that my husband and I found our first L.A. 551 more words

Receipt : A Poem

Tremulous, a vacancy displaces me

A desperation advance towards 

bashful bugs ; 

crepuscule ellipses 57 more words

Amateur Hour

Eat, two conversations : A Poem

To vacate one’s space for another,

unenploy oneself, 

in hope of a future becoming. 

As empty are the floorboards,

appreciated through wither.

Amateur Hour

The Body Republic : A Poem

By the sharpened weeds

the lake

It’s shimmer shivering

as a wrapper around melted sand-beds

Proposing a poverty -


the climax of a divine beauty  6 more words

Amateur Hour

Sow : A Poem

Toothpaste propaganda

Renegade Faust

I open my eyes to you

hoping for a just that is too much

Much muchness Mrs Madame

you are very well for the ill!

Plastic Napoleon

you kill me

Amateur Hour

Try : A Poem

Afternoon shower, 

to the day gently -

The door left open behind

Amateur Hour

Assimilations into Nothing : A Poem

Your mind to mine,

a lie to be kissed,

as if like starlings:


Supposing a rose before new and rippling tides of conversation

Amateur Hour