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There Is a Fountain Promo Video

A lot of people have been asking me about There Is a Fountain, so I made this short video for you all to enjoy.

To call this a trailer would be to give it a name it cannot live up to.  23 more words

There Is A Fountain


Continuous downpour upon the ledges
As I relish it inside clawing the pillow
Unable to accept the fate of my fellow
Persona. I disagree with everyone… 67 more words


The First Meet

“Hey! You there, what are you doing here?” He shouted from across the floor. “You there, can you hear me?” He asked again. No answer. He slowly moved forward, he was afraid. 1,107 more words


First School Week

Florida is crazy hot in the beginning of the school year and I have to abide by the dress code, so it’s really hard to find something cool and comfy for school. 136 more words


Japanese Garden

So I have been experiencing a bit of a mental/emotional breakdown the past week or so due to personal issues :(. Thus, the lack of posts. 107 more words



It was about time I let my old and abused (dropped countless times, once in a river, whoops.) iPhone retire. I wanted to keep some of the pictures I took on it, and I thought I’d share a few noteworthy ones. 123 more words


Sweaters in Summer

I probably have more sweaters than regular tops and I wear them year round. It really depends on the thickness and the style of the sweater for summer. 40 more words