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Into The Woods - 10.25.14 - Susanville, CA

I’ve fully come to the conclusion that I’m a sucker for photographing inanimate objects. There is something so intriguing about where I find these items and how they got there. 119 more words


Sautto Family - 10.19.14 - Rancho San Rafael, Reno, NV

Family photos are slightly intimidating. You have to know how to pose all the members of the family. You have to remember their names so you’re not saying, “Hey you, move to the left.” You have to keep the attention of them all focused at your camera. 229 more words


Rancho San Rafael - Reno, NV - 10.18.14

Clear, blue skies. Mild, fall temperature. Just me, my babe and the George. Camera in hand, ready to explore and yet again, practice.

I have been missing the motivation and dedication that I used to have when it comes to photographing. 118 more words


HDR (High Dynamic Range) Imaging

This photography technique was fun to learn about. This was my first time ever taking HDR photos. It was a lot easier to do than I expected it to be. 305 more words

Digital Imaging

Taylor Creek - Lake Tahoe, CA - 10.12.14

I absolutely am a sucker for anything outdoors, so when my parents asked me if I wanted to go for a drive up to Lake Tahoe and see the salmon at Taylor Creek, I didn’t hesitate. 61 more words


Karlowicz Family - 9.21.14 - Galena Creek, Reno, NV

Oh, this family I absolutely adore. Cutest family ever! And I’ve had the pleasure of photographing them and little miss Taytum a number of times. It’s been a blast every time, even those days when Taytum was being a diva. 54 more words


Krieger Wedding - 10.4.14 - Las Vegas, NV

Weddings, oh weddings. I love them, yet I hate them. Do I know why? Nope. It’s just the way I am. However, one thing does ring true… 304 more words