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Homemade Quiche Lorraine (with mushrooms)

Ohh the taste of this quiche! Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner! No wonder everyone loves it! Perfect for a Sunday at home to be honest, when all the family is spending time together, watching TV, playing board games or any other activities. 220 more words


Fragments, Paris: a sneak peek at the lunch menu.

I dropped by for coffee. I ended up having an amazing lunch. That was the best surprise of the week. Each ingredient and dish were SPOT ON. 128 more words


Potato and Parmigiano Fritters

Very quick Potato and Parmigiano Fritters! I made this in under half an hour for my lunch as I hadn’t had time to go shopping and had lots of work to do and did not have enough time to spend in the kitchen for a proper meal. 90 more words


Quick Mustard Chicken Breast

Well, I was in a rush and had to prepare something for my 15 year old. Did not had any time to go grocery shopping and therefore had limited ingredients in the fridge and cupboards. 166 more words


The Green Course Meal

Hi ladies!

St. Patrick’s day is today and the green madness has officially begun. We wanted to show you something a bit different, and since the most fun part about St. 446 more words

Amazing Food

Baked Salmon with Butter and Parsley

Working two jobs and being a mom, means I have very little time for other human things to do (for example take a long relaxing bath :D), so I try to cut down from my time spent in the kitchen. 73 more words


Day 45 with crutches and knee brace, VERY STRANGE dream, Insight Workshop - Part VI: Key Strength and Weaknesses (223 days)

I have 2 weird dreams last night.

2 VERY weird dream.

First one wasn’t too strange, because it was at least related to what’s happening right me. 413 more words