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AWS Gotcha: IAmazonS3.CopyObject() Method On S3 Objects Changes ACLs

There are many gotchas with Amazon’s AWS (I suppose that is true with all technologies).  Here is one that plagued me just the other day: 318 more words


Built my first Web App using Ruby on Rails!

Finally, after months of learning, procrastination and hard-work, I’m proud to showcase the NCSV-Collage, my first Web App that I’ve built from scratch! Check it out by clicking  290 more words

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AWS Loadbalancing

For previous setup info see my post on setting up instances using Chef and AWS: HERE

AWS Loadbalancing

If you have completed the steps in the previous post you can repeat them a few times to spin up 3 or more instances. 442 more words


Adding Amazon EBS volume to your linux machine

I have a EBS 20 GB volume on my amazon free tier account, I wanted to add this volume to my Redhat linux server and make it available for use. 274 more words

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Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) , s3cmd (installation, configuration and usage)

S3 stands for Simple storage service , provided by Amazon , its an online cloud storage to save your data.
In free tier account, Amazon provides 5 GB of standard storage with 20,000 get requests and 2,000 Put requests. 266 more words

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Chef: Spin-up and bootstrap a node on AWS

A few quick instructions for spinning up a node on AWS using Chef and the Knife EC2 plugin.
Some of these steps I culled together from various sites and thought it might be helpful to have them all in one spot. 623 more words