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Remote profiling using SSH Port Forwarding (SSH Tunneling) on Linux

In this blog post I’ll lay out few steps that are needed for remote profiling using SSH Port Forwarding (SSH Tunneling) using Yourkit profiler.


Steps to be followed on remote machine: 229 more words


Use Amazon EC2 and ssh reverse tunneling to connect computers behind firewall or NAT

Sometime you may want to ssh to a computer(let’s name it Computer_A) that behind firewall or doesn’t have public IP address. If this computer can ssh to outside network, you could setup a ssh reverse tunnel to make Computer_A accessible from outside network. 728 more words

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Getting a git repository on Amazon EC2.

1. Initializing a Repository in an Existing Directory:

If you’re starting to track an existing project in Git, you need to go to the project’s directory and type… 280 more words


How to Install the latest version of s3cmd tool on Linux

Please install the required packages before installing the s3cmd tool and download the source zip from github:

sudo yum install unzip python-pip
wget https://github.com/s3tools/s3cmd/archive/master.zip

Having a look inside public Amazon's buckets

Hi there,

today I want to share with you guys the results of my analysis on public Amazon’s buckets.

In the context of my research activity on… 677 more words


Amazon Web Services Reveals Low Cost T2 Instances Marked By Burstable CPU Capability

Amazon Web Services recently introduced T2 instances, a new EC2 instance offering for applications that do not require sustained high CPU performance. The T2 instances constitute the cheapest instance available on the EC2 platform with prices starting at $0.013/hour. 178 more words

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