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Netflix now accounts for 35% of bandwidth usage in the US and Canada

The latest report from the Canadian broadband networking company Sandvine reveals that Netflix is still the king of the American internet. The streaming video service is responsible for a staggering 35% of all bandwidth usage in North America—the next most, YouTube, accounts for only 14%. 99 more words

'Guardians of the Galaxy' now available for streaming on iTunes and Amazon

Thanks to streaming, you can now correct any mistakes you made in not seeing “Guardians of the Galaxy” Marvel’s hit has arrived to video on demand services. 60 more words

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Almost Hit The Mark - Snowpiercer

What is it about certain action movies that really get me involved? It’s the constant need for attention. I mean, if you look away, you’re going to miss some small, important detail or some huge thrilling explosion. 405 more words

Sony Announce PS Vue, TV Streaming Service

When the Xbox One was announced Microsoft spoke quite a bit about TV, in particular, the HDMI-in feature allowing users to plug their existing set-top-box into the console so you can have all of your entertainment in one place. 205 more words

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Series Completed: Ringu

I first watched Ringu about 10 years ago and I loved it but never got round to watching the sequel and the prequel.


I noticed Ringu 2 and Ringu 0 were on Amazon Instant Video so I decided to check them out. 32 more words


Amazon Prime Instant is coming to Chromecast at last, thanks to two third-party developers: Amazon’s video streaming service doesn’t officially support Chromecast, but two German developers just released… 54 more words

TTotD: I WUB Mondays (PT. 2)

Good news everyone! I’m here to give you the tips to complete your streaming troubleshooting guide (and no, streaming is not when run as quickly as possible along a creek). 421 more words

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