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Changing ownership AWS Amazon S3 bucket

After some research, as of today, it is not easy to change one S3 bucket from one user to another. I have found this solution: 102 more words

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Amazon AWS vs Github - "Suspected Unauthorized Activity"

As if being a Monday was not enough. I got a call from my ex-cofounder that he received a call from Amazon saying that his credit card has pending AWS bills for $8000 (his credit card details was on the card – thankfully $8000 was way beyond the credit limit). 590 more words


AWS Summit

I’m planning on attending the 2014 AWS Summit on March 26th in San Francisco. Amazon has put up a great agenda. If you are doing cloud-computing and especially with the AWS services, you should attend. I will see you there.


Once more, with feeling: As Google Drive slashes prices, how low can storage prices go?

Post by Barb Darrow (thank you)

Google Drive is cheaper than ever — 100GB is now $1.99 per month, down from $4.99. The move comes a few weeks after Microsoft started giving away more space on OneDrive.

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Image Uploading and Processing with Amazon S3, Paperclip, and Delayed Jobs

Image uploading has always been a problem for me at my current job. This is because we use paperclip to process our image into many different sizes (thumbnails, small squares, large image, etc). 1,103 more words