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Run commands in Opsworks Instances using chef recipe

Using Custom Recipes in Opsworks

MY Recipe

Create the follwoing DIR structure:

myCookbookRepo -> myCustomCookbook -> recipe -> myCustomRecipe.rb

The name “recipe” must not be changed, remaining we can give the names we like. 97 more words


Execute "rake task" in Opsworks

All the Opsworks Instances have GEMS installed in 2 locations


  1. System-Wide Location (/usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0/gems)
  2. User-Home Location, in Opsworks its Deploy user (/home/deploy/.bundler/galaxylifecms/ruby/2.0.0/gems)

The GEMS listed in Gemfile are installed in the User-Home location by Bundler… 104 more words


Amazon Web Services becomes first cloud provider to handle sensitive US defence data

By gaining clearance to host the most sensitive unclassified US Department of Defense data, Amazon Web Services has scored a first in the cloud computing industry. 385 more words


Here's why Alibaba likes the look of Chinese cloud file-sharing company Gokuai

It’s clearer than ever that Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba harbors visions of building a formidable cloud business like U.S.-based public-cloud market leader Amazon Web Services… 390 more words


Landed. Hiring.

I’ve landed at Amazon Web Services as Vice President of Relational Database Services (RDS).  And I’m hiring!

Please keep in mind that this is my personal blog and the content does not necessarily represent the view of Amazon!

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Amazon file sharing service ‘Zocalo’ is commercially available

Amazon Web Services has announced that its file sharing service ‘Zocalo’ will be commercially available to enterprises as a file sharing service soon. Zocalo service will cost $5 per month after a free 30 day trial ends. 369 more words

Cloud Storage

Amazon's Dropbox & Google Drive challenger, Zocalo, is now ready for you to use

Amazon Web Services, the market-leading public-cloud division of e-commerce giant Amazon.com, today released its file-sharing service, Zocalo.

It’s a full-featured piece of cloud software that could shake up Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. 224 more words