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Amazon's next move in the cloud wars might be in Ohio

Amazon Web Services outpaces every other public cloud around. Now Amazon is apparently seeking to pick up more of an edge by building a data center in Ohio. 425 more words


Google buys Zync and its rendering tools for its Google Cloud Platform service

Google is buying Zync and its popular Zync Render tool, and plans to make it part of the Google Cloud Platform lineup. The news was posted on the… 317 more words

NRDC slams slacker servers as huge waste of energy

Data center energy consumption is a huge issue. But it’s not really the big webscale players — the Facebooks and Googles of the world  — that are at fault. 712 more words

IaaS IOPs Test - Azure Vs. AWS

I was curious recently about comparing disk IOPs between AWS and Microsoft Azure for IaaS Virtual Machines and the one thing that really surprised me was how much control and configurability you had when tuning and configuring disks. 581 more words

Amazon Web Services

NASA OpenNEX 2014 Climate App Challange

NASA has launched the OpenNEX 2014 Climate App Challenge,  starting August 22, 2014, after some review with keynote speakers and Climate/Meteorology and Satellite/LandSat virtual labs, there is a $60,000… 69 more words


How to hide index.php on NGINX

Here’s a quick fix to hide index.php from the URL of the site hosted on an NGINX web server.

For shared webroot, you need to setup each site that needs to hide it index.php on the main NGINX vhost or create config file for each and store it in /etc/nginx/site-available/site_conf. 22 more words