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Bitchy, bitter and bored plus the best ever book on Fairy Gardens

Oh no, not me. Well, I AM quite bitchy, but not bitter and definitely not bored.


A beautiful new book has come out about Fairy Gardening. 671 more words

The next two days with the Kindle fire HDX

Well the kindle has been in use and the one consistent thing that stays big in my mind is the fast speeds of this unit. It’s almost like it’s on a different level from all other tablets out there. 512 more words

Amazon Speaks Out About Hachette Battle

In a rare occurrence, Amazon has released a statement speaking out on the Hachette battle. For those who are unaware, the retailer and the publisher have been locked in a dispute over contract terms; Amazon wants to remain under the wholesale model in which it gets to determine the price of the ebooks it sells, even if that means taking a loss in order to pass the savings on to the customer, and Hachette wants to go to the briefly-instituted agency model in which the publisher determines the price. 652 more words

Dispatches From The Future (B-List)

PopSci recently debuted a collection of very short shorts from “Ten of the brightest minds in science fiction.” It’s a very worthy read if you’ve got a couple of minutes to kill. 330 more words