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Amazon Books Synced to GoodReads

The link below is to an article that reports on Amazon’s efforts to link its book selling business with GoodReads the syncing of Kindle Books with GoodReads. 23 more words


Bookselling: Traditional and Digital

The sale of books has developed over the years, and since books have appeared in digital form the platform for marketing and selling these books has vastly increased. 350 more words


Den of thieves [book review]

Last month, I ordered several books on amazon,  taking advantage of my amazon associate gains, and some of them were suggested by amazon algorithms based on my recent history. 259 more words


Of Spies and Things

First; notice I am no longer calling these entries “Bond….Jimmy ‘Card Sense’ Bond”. Each decision made about the story takes us farther away from the source inspiration – Jimmy ‘Card Sense’ Bond of Combined Intelligence from the 1954 ‘Casino Royale’ episode of Climax! 519 more words

Adjective Narcissism

So I, finally, had enough time away from writing coursework to stick my first novella on Amazon! I am well aware that it will not sell well, nor do I expect it to, but I feel as though I have accomplished something. 97 more words


Combat Wizard; an excerpt

The book is available on Amazon. The first book in the Wizards Trilogy, this one’s a bit dark; the themes I explore are science fiction oriented, but at the same time the characters are ordinary people similar to those you might know. 4,798 more words


Inspiration: A Home In The Woods

I promised that there were more homesteading sources for my novel Dark And Deep than the Little House books, and here is one of them: … 194 more words

Dark And Deep