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3 Days To Kill - review

Kevin Costner wants to retire from his life of CIA badassery and live a life of spaghetti sauce, bicycles and scarves but a combination of Amber Heard and a magic cancer cure lead him back to a life of guns, car chases and suits. 270 more words


It Strikes Again!

Whatever that *IT* may be. Amber Heard would like you to believe it’s Hollywood who won’t give you a good role/part in a movie unless you’re semi unattractive. 127 more words

Amber Heard

More lies come to the Surface

I pointed this out in a previous post a while back. Amber Heard did an interview for a magazine and told them that as a child they had nothing, she had nothing. 110 more words


Review - Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi 1

Ten days ago I decided to take the Karin Herzog selfie challenge. I’d heard that this brand is loved by Amber Heard and the Duchess of Cambridge! 350 more words


Drive Angry: The Review

Director: Patrick Lussier
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichter, Billy Burke, David Morse
Plot: Milton (Cage) is a mysterious stranger, intent on tracking down the satanic cult that wants to sacrifice his grand-daughter. 794 more words

Reviews From The Past

A step closer to Perfection.

Today I wanted to motivate you to take care of your teeth properly as it is enormously important and has a huuuuuuge impact on our appearance! 230 more words


A fine and pleasant day to you, beautiful readers! Cara from Silver Screen Serenade here to once again destroy all that Eric Isaacs holds sacred while he is trapped in the Pit of Despair celebrate this glorious blogging contest we lovingly refer to as Shitfest. 1,382 more words


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I've invaded The IPC for my Shitfest review! If you're looking for a few giggles about a pretty awful film, go and have a read. However, warning: if you're easily offended by lots of strong language, you might want to skip this one. I...ahem...don't really hold back.