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Donald Glover Has Joined 'Magic Mike XXL,' Which Is Now Basically 'The Expendables' Of Dong-Shaking

For a movie that, at its very core, is simply about a team of male strippers having the time of their lives, there sure has been a lot of secrecy and “surprises” in regard to the plot and casting for… 384 more words

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Films Worth a Look: 3 Days to Kill

Like many movies, I wasn’t expecting much when I checked it out to watch it. This time I was pleasantly surprised. 3 Days to Kill… 286 more words

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3 Days to Kill (2014)

Didn’t quite pan out to be as good as I might have liked, but you know what, it’s not that bad either. There’s plenty of cringe worthy cliches left and right, the bad guys are entirely forgettable and the plot at places feels entirely convoluted for no real purpose, but it’s got all of the charm that Luc Besson (as the writer/producer) brings to the table, and Costner does kick a lot of ass, so it evens it out to a fairly decent if forgettable action movie. 39 more words


Amber Heard among the latest nude photos leaked online

The 28-year-old actress is among the latest celebrities whose phone has been hacked and of which a series of naked photos and a racy video were posted online over the weekend. 7 more words


iCloud Leaks: Jonny Depp's Fiance Amber Heard

Johnny Depp’s fiancé is the latest celebrity to be humiliated by the cloud after 50 of her pics were floated online. The Stash includes a topless picture the 28 year sent to her husband to be.