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When I realized I loved you.

Always fall
In the fall.
When Even fell
That was all
Women needed
To taste
Something sinful;
To sink their teeth into.
At last!
Apple cider. 92 more words

Amber Rae

Akiko Clown

The most intelligent, the most beautiful;
They’re all crazy.
And he was was foolish to think that
She may be “The one”
Without thinking the coin could have… 56 more words

Amber Rae

Looking for Paradise

The more connected generation of human history wanted to be disconnected from everything, and they created a multimillionaire industry: tourism of disconnected landscapes.


I guess it’s more of a connection that I wanted but never felt
I was a leaf that fell off and tried to glue herself back… 87 more words

Amber Rae


I wanna hear your voice
And kiss your face
And cuddle
I wanna be wrapped up
And held on tight
Til slumber
I want fingers to comb… 16 more words

Amber Rae


Walk along the crescent line
Where souls of angelic demons alike
Look up at the same black sky
Lovely are dove feathers above
Float so still on haunting air… 42 more words

Amber Rae


I apologize to everyone following me who just witnessed the amount of “Amber Rae” postings from the past hour or so. 41 more words

Amber Rae