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Opened a coconut with a machete today and, yes, I'm typing with all my fingers

The mere fact that you are reading this is proof that I can, and did, successfully open my first coconut.

With a machete.

I bought the machete a few weeks ago. 918 more words


Conch and Estel's-- two ways we mark the change in seasons on Ambergris Caye

In California, we used to say the seasons were Drought, Wildfire, Rainy/Greenery, Earthquake and Glorious Sunshine. San Diego had a whole season called June Gloom, in which the fog would roll in and stay until about 11 a.m., when the morning sun would finally burn it off and the breeze would beat it back to sea. 406 more words


Two very different pictures of the Great Blue Hole of Belize

I was chased by a 14-foot shark off the coast of Cape Cod in 1975, about a month before I had a chance to see that summer’s blockbuster movie, “Jaws.” 1,355 more words


"Careful What You Wish For" in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Regular readers will know that I’ve been harping on about the paucity of rain for some time. We’ve got a large (well I consider a 45,000 gallon capacity fairly large) rainwater collection tank under the house but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to see the overflow pipes in action. 472 more words

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Dumb and dumber on Ambergris Caye

One month ago I wrote a blog post titled: “I swear, the heat makes me stupid.” So what is this, I ask myself, the sequel, “Rain also makes me stupid”? 1,146 more words


More photos from the Independence Day Jump Up Parade in San Pedro, Belize

Just like the parade, the images keep on coming.

The Jump Up Parade — anyone care to venture why it is called that? — is such a joyful and colorful Independence Day celebration, I couldn’t stop taking pictures. 203 more words


A Belize Independence Day parade that marches to the beat of many different drummers

San Pedro celebrated the 33rd year of Belize independence with a good old fashioned Jump Up Parade that included a band, lots of marching groups, trucks loaded with two-story high sound systems that pumped out crazy dance beats, floats, a beauty queen, gaily decorated golf carts and children by the dozens. 415 more words