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A bit of this, a little of that and then some . . . . ice cream

Rose was pretty adamant on Easter morning: There will be no taking of photos during Mass.

That is why you will not see pictures of… 1,224 more words


Flyboarding: He's up, up, up . . . and down

We watched our first flyboarder on Friday, down by Central Park in San Pedro Town.

Pretty cool concept: Use the thrust of a jetski to force a powerful stream of water through a platform, sending the bootstrapped “pilot” soaring up into the air. 163 more words


Central Park on Good Friday afternoon

Rose and I went for a late-afternoon bike ride on Friday.

North or South?

We almost flipped a coin to decide which direction to take. South leads us through chaotic San Pedro Town. 461 more words


On Good Friday, a pre-dawn walk through San Pedro with a cross to bear

On┬áthis, the busiest weekend of the season on Ambergris Caye, the bars stopped serving liquor at midnight. The stores stopped selling liquor, too. If you didn’t have it on hand by midnight you won’t be able to buy a drink for the next 24 hours. 821 more words


Wash Day Paparazzi for the Clean Theme

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week, is ‘Clean’, so I decided to air the clean laundry of complete strangers. Can someone please explain to me why I book my air ticket, pack my cases, brave the scary airport security, travel for thousands of miles to some exotic destination, only to end up taking photos of clothes hanging on wash lines? 248 more words