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On Ambergris Caye, life begins at the end of the pier

Now, I’m not saying that sitting at the end of a dock for an hour every day will cure everything that ails you.

Well, yes, maybe I am. 600 more words


Chicken Drop epiphany: So, this is what it is like to raise a daughter . . . . .

Take a cab home. I forgot to tell Caira to take a cab home.

Oh, god, I hope she knows enough not to try to walk home from downtown San Pedro in the middle of the night. 1,415 more words


Heart takes a licking and keeps on a ticking, an update from Belize

Back in November, as many of you now know, I had chest and arm pains, shortness of breath and other symptoms that sounded like warning signs for a heart attack or stroke. 656 more words


Pook's Hill defines eco-tourism in Belize

I think I’m becoming a birdwatcher. I’ll let you know for sure if I ever drop a bundle on high-end binoculars, a camera with a telephoto lens, a light-weight bush jacket with pockets for my bird guides, notebooks, pens, spare glasses, mosquito repellent and granola bars. 1,437 more words


'Best little zoo in the world'? Belize it.

Look, I’m a zoo snob, OK?

I can’t help it. I’m from San Diego, home of one of the greatest zoos in the world — … 893 more words


Fifteen questions about living in Belize -- with answers!

This list of questions was submitted to me by a website called http://www.expatfinder.com/ which is positioning itself as a go-to site for information on services and products that every would-be ex-pat needs to make the big move. 3,129 more words


Welcome to Belize: Slow down, simplify, stay healthy

The following is an expansion on a recent “postcard” that I wrote for International Living, one of the biggest players in the ex-pat game. Actually it combines part of my first version with the final version that was… 1,427 more words