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I received a reply from AODA today accepting me as a Candidate for their program.  They sent me “initiation” ritual instructions.

I’m not sure how I feel about rituals and speaking prepared ritual words.  347 more words

The VUCA world- an innovative concept?

The VUCA concept suggests that individuals, families, companies and states should take into account the increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in their decision making processes. 263 more words


I think the murmuration is trying to tell us something. 

It seems ambiguous, but maybe it isn’t.  Maybe we are where the ambiguity is coming from.

Turns of Phrase & Altered Perceptions

Death amongst the living. Life, grown still. Landscapes.

Art imitates life. Life masquerades as artistic license. Parts of the whole, and whole parts redacted.

Fathers, daughters. 229 more words

The English Teacher

Word of the day - Ëzonék (ambiguity)

Today’s post (sorry it’s not Wednesday…), is all about ambiguity! The title word, Ëzonék /ø.t͡so.ne͡ɪk/, is translated as ambiguity, and it maps pretty well to the English equivalent in terms of its coverage. 125 more words

"Paint Me": Imagination and Ambiguity

The passage that struck me the most from the second part of De Quincey’s Confessions is the passage in which he invokes an imaginary painter to illustrate a scene for the reader to establish the qualities of the happiest year of his life. 419 more words

Opium And Empire (4/10)

Delicious Ambiguity

Today was my last day as a biochemistry undergraduate student.

I am not overwhelmed with feelings of sadness or joy. I am quite numb to my completion of my (first) undergraduate degree.  298 more words