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not where I was
not where I’d like to be
but somewhere in between

where how are you
becomes an exercise
in complication,
and I start to realize… 36 more words

Along The Journey

16. On a Break

I’ve dreamed of rosy sunsets
amidst the stars with you,
between the chasing
of those fireflies
and sleeping vibes
to midnight blues.

And yet,
I wake to break of dawn… 100 more words



It’s great to have certainty about things, about everything in life. It was so important to me until I realized there’s no way I could always have a sense of certainty of this and that. 271 more words

I Know What I Did Do This Summer! Really!

What a whirlwind two weeks! This class has been such an intense experience for me, which is not something that I had expected. It was hard. 499 more words


12. Projected Selfishness

Snippets of another soul inscribed
in ink – on skin, in journals,
muddled clouds of private thoughts
forming, dissipating, sometimes rain -
does your drought feel draining? 92 more words


Inconceivable Research

I recently posted on the news story that females are slipping through the cracks of Asperger diagnosis. I point out the irony of a situation in which diagnostic testing is picking up males and not females due to the testing methods. 1,943 more words

Diagnostic Testing