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Say Goodbye...

First off, allow me to apologize for my absence. I have been attending tax preparation classes and working. I’m also learning to play the guitar in my spare time. 935 more words


Page turners

I dream of producing the type of prose and poetry that leave people questioning what they’ve read. I want to create a world with such fine detail that the imagery unconsciously protrudes into the minds of others. 34 more words

100 Days of Happiness, 21-30

It’s been another 10 days already? Where is the time going?! Don’t forget to check out my 2 other 100 Days of Happiness posts! 599 more words


30. LIZZIE VELASQUEZ: esempio di vita

“Usate quella negativit√† che incontrate nella vita per essere migliori, perch√® ve lo garantisco, ve lo garantisco, vincerete.”

Local vs. National

Election season is upon us, and this being a non-presidential voting year, US citizens tend to avoid the polls in droves. I’ve been talking with my students about herd mentality, informational cascades, and the pros and cons of non-conformity recently; local elections make a good example of the theory that people tend to do what they think others are doing (see… 459 more words


What do your friends say about your future?

In hardship turn to friendship-but what do you life experiences and friends say about you? 468 more words