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Determination (Day Twenty-Seven)

Remember the feelings
The emotions of getting laughed at
Poetry was a dream and a kettle dot steaming
Feelings and rhythms of the steering spat… 58 more words



it’s a double edged sword
it’s a stuck between rock
and hard place
choose to ignore or explore
truth smacking me in the face

blissful ignorance no longer… 106 more words


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner... Or NaNo?!

Hate to gloat… Actually, no, no I don’t. At least not in this instance… because…. drumroll please…..

It’s official, November 26th took me to a staggering 50,070 words… I celebrated and then promptly wept into my repetitively strained fingertips at the realisation I still had another 30-40K to go dawned on me. 59 more words

Life Events

Are you sincere to your cherished dream?

Everyone dream of happiness. While some gradually achieve their cherished dreams over the years, others seem to be miles from pursuing their secret ambitions. It is worth mentioning there are dreams we transform into “non-dreams” (often unconsciously) our life long due to the number of factors. 481 more words


I am happy

Im happy. I walk everywhere with a smile on my face. I am lucky! Who knows where I’d be without the people in my life? My ambition often outshines any flaws I’ve subconsciously constructed. 97 more words


Are you hiding your light under a bushel?

Undoubtedly, we are all guilty of seeing those we know through what can sometimes be a very narrow lens. That is to say a work colleague can remain just that, a member of a club or society can be similarly pigeon holed and neither escape from the field in which you first got to know them. 495 more words


#337 Move Forward

It is better to move forward in life gracefully with dignity and integrity, rather than rapidly with ambition and manipulation.