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This is not about Putin but how Russians seem to massively support this complex-ridden little guy, and shows how far they’ve come: not very far, not yet! 545 more words

Current Events

Scared of being like You

I feel like people are trying to convince me that’s it dangerous to be different.

I know my choices may ostracise me from ‘society.’ By ‘society’ I mean those of the same religious and cultural background to myself. 118 more words

Diary Of A Self-confessed Foodaholic

Who has got the Time?

It took me exactly five months to write this. I had created this blog five months back but never really had the time to write something. 743 more words


Second Entry


Lately, I’ve been feeling lost because I feel like I do not have any goals in my life. Obviously, my goal is to graduate from medical school and become a doctor. 420 more words

The Art of Persistence

Persistence is one of mankind’s greatest and worst personality traits. Whether it’s telling yourself to ‘keep going’ when you’re working out or battling a colossal work load, or doing everything you can to make your partner or family happy regardless of how it affects your happiness. 537 more words


You are in point A and want to get to point B. Sounds simple but it´s not. Shit happens. Welcome to the jungle, people. We´re all in this together. 245 more words


What Was I Born To Be?

I think it was around the age of 19 when I first discovered I wanted to be a writer. That seems kind of late, considering some people know by the time they can hold a jumbo pencil, but that’s when I knew. 852 more words

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