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Having an effect...

There is something very surreal about being told that you are the reason that someone chooses to do something.

This happened to me very recently, I was informed that some kids told my french teacher that I had inspired them to take on a new language, they could sense my love and passion for the subject and had heard of my successes and opportunities within the department and decided they wanted to follow in my footsteps. 129 more words

About Me

Losing my edge

Sometimes I think I’m losing my edge.  I am at once packed to the gills with ideas about stuff to write, movies to film, and photo shoots to model in, … 645 more words

Life And Shit

Movin' On Up!

As made clear time and time again, DNFTB is here to take over the world. We want your grandfathers to bequeath all their earthly possessions to us, your grandmothers to throw us their panties when we are in the streets, your fathers to want to have the honour of us pleasing your mothers, your brothers wacking off to us in their hormonal adolescence and your sisters hitting up our DMs with tasteful nudes. 314 more words

A Mind To Inspire

I’m not always sure, but I usually know. The steps may be shaky. The fog may cloud my vision. But my hearts direction is always steady, for The power within lights the way.

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Hip Hop

Ambition, happiness, and honesty

My dad has has had one job his whole life: Professor. At the same school. For thirty years. He’s climbed the career ladder, published research, lectured at conferences, chaired committees, and designed successful new courses.  788 more words

Opinion & Response

Grumpiness and Ambition

Hi internet! 

I’m sorry I’ve left you alone for so long but I have been very busy. What have I been busy with? Lots of things! 651 more words

Someday I'll Fly

You know those moments of inspiration that move you to aggressively pursue your dreams?

Well to no surprise, for those of you who know me, I just had one with John Mayer.   717 more words