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Everyone always has those New Year resolutions that they continuously make every single year that just seem so ‘new’, which is how I like to call it. 799 more words

Discovering What's Always Been Here

My whole life, who am I?Ā 

I’ve gone my whole life wondering who I am, what purpose have I been given here on earth? Where do I fit in? 247 more words

Story of My Life.

Everyday, I look at myself in the mirror. What have i become? How did I let myself become this? Why did you let me become this? 158 more words

8 December, 2014 ā€“ Ambitious

How ambitious do you feel today?
I felt pretty ambitious.

This last week I felt like everything went very well and that I gained a lot of confidence about what Iā€™m working on at school. 18 more words

Year 1

Future me. Including the hair length.

At this moment in time, this image is what i want to achieve. An office with my macbook in front of me working away; phone in hand for the closer contacts and updating twitter. 104 more words

Home Life


You might feel I’m a taker
It’s just my center of gravity
My ego has its own moons
But don’t worry, I’m fine

Money’s not green, it’s mine… 221 more words