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The Race to Mars

The non-for-profit organization based in the Netherlands has constructed plans to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars in the year 2025. However, this mission is a one way ticket only, asking ordinary people to voluntarily leave earth forever, leaving behind the beauty of our natural world for the cold unknown. 505 more words

When you change yourself, the world will be changed as you want to see.

I don’t know the name of speaker. What I know is simple.

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5 Signs You've Found Your Dream Job

We all have out own definition of “dream job.”

Some think it’s about earning a fat paycheck or being offered great benefits; others believe it involves having good work-life balance, the ability to help others, or the chance to make the world a better place. 460 more words


December: A Smashing Success

Originally posted January 29th, 2013

I have one more project from December that was a mitigated success, but I’m skipping right over it and heading straight into smashing success because I’m still not sure to what extent this other success will be mitigated. 596 more words


Interview Alert!

Hey guys! We’re back with another interview with a friend of ours Rachael Chapman, she’s a good friend of ours and one of our biggest supporters and volunteers. 503 more words


Tattoo #2

“If it’s not your name on the door, you spend your whole life building someone else’s dream…”

Someone asked me what it meant.
I explained, you work a job correct? 444 more words