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The First Time Eating Solids

If you are about to feed your baby solids for the first time don’t worry! It really is a great experience. I know it may seem confident to buy baby food but it really is a waste of money. 125 more words


The Places We'll Go

There are a lot of fun activities you can do with your baby. The park is obviously a great spot for relaxation but there are other things you can do as well. 228 more words


Do Boy Scouts Make The Best Salespeople?

Are you Prepared?

I’ve seen and heard this all to often, salespeople booking appointments and then forgetting about them until the day before the meeting… Is this something you do? 365 more words


Chow Time

There is nothing like seeing your family enjoying your cooking! Tonight I made a hearty, delicious, healthy meal, pasta bolognese. If you don’t consider yourself a chef in your kitchen just yet this is a easy recipe.  179 more words


The Park

The older your baby gets the more energy they have. Some of the best outlets for babies is the park! It is great for the both of you.Not only will you see your baby giggle and smile, but your little one will be exposed to other children which is great for social skills. 97 more words


When I was a New Mom

The first time you hold your little bundle of joy, its the most beautiful feeling in the world. When you come home from the hospital and settle in with your baby your life is about to change. 152 more words


Work Hard-er!

This might be a rant or rather a way to keep me going by the time Game of Thrones premiers tonight…

I know I am an ambitious person. 362 more words

Student Life