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How To Overcome A Terrible Interview & Still Get The Job

Interviewing for a job is hard enough… but what if the person conducting the interview does a terrible job? (How many times has that happened to you?) Don’t worry, all is not lost. 1,121 more words


LMAO Ice JJ Fish Has a Mixtape??? IceJJFish Criminal Mind

I thought this guy was a comedian. Well, I hope he makes some money like we all are trying to do…

Ice JJ Fish Mixtape


Monday Mayhem: Moving House

I had been planning on blogging on Friday and Saturday but since I hadn’t pre-written the post and I was so busy with the move, I didn’t get the chance to post anything so here is my welcome back post! 611 more words


Greedy or Ambitious??

Sometimes I think about myself as an ambitious woman but then now I realize that maybe I just a greedy person.

Am I ambitious? Or greedy? 79 more words


Examination - Evaluation - Extermination


JavaScript required to play Deletion.

The flow of the chapter simply did not work for me. The character interactions seemed forced and the prose suffered because of that. 140 more words


Interesting Journey- The Big Wide Calm by Rich Marcello

The blurb reads

Paige is a rock star. The world just doesn’t know it yet. She’s got the charisma, the drive, and, of course, the mega-musical skills. 611 more words

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