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Work/Life Balance, the Mommy-Wars, and Other Fabulous Beasts

The following is an excerpt from a work that currently exists only inside my head. I envision it as a sort of mashup between Ambrose Bierce’s  1,052 more words


“Photograph: a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art.”

“Photograph: a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art.”

- Ambrose Bierce, 1842 – 1914, American, editor, journalist, short story writer, satirist


Definition of the Day 11-16-14 -- Future

FUTURE, n. That period of time in which our affairs prosper, our friends are true and our happiness assured.

–Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary




by Ambrose Bierce (Public domain)

“So you like scary stories,” her uncle said.

“Yes, I like being scared.”

“Why do you like to be scared, little one?” 4,053 more words

Short Stories

Definition of the Day 11-10-14 -- Everlasting

EVERLASTING, adj. Lasting forever . . .

–Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary


Reading Bitter Bierce: The Weird Stories, Part 2

More Dead Bodies, Coincidences, and Interludes

“The Death of Halpin Frayser” is, like “A Holy Terror” and “A Watcher by the Dead”, another story with a plot where a character goes wandering for several years and is unhappily reunited with old acquaintances. 1,826 more words

Ambrose Bierce

"Beyond the Wall" a ghost story by Ambrose Bierce

I’ve often mentioned how much I enjoy looking for or noting coincidences in the random order of short story reading that the Deal Me In Challenge… 482 more words