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Supping with the Devil ('s Dictionary)...

Ambrose Bierce,  the epitome of Satirical Old Scrotedom, has long made me laugh – or at least he would have done had he not had the gall to sneer his cynical way into the sepulchre some forty-four years before I put in an appearance. 238 more words


My Chat With Oscar Wilde

Have you tried out that new iPhone app called NstantAuthor®? I did just now. It allows you to have a conversation with your favorite dead author—or pretend to, anyway. 2,463 more words

Thinking About Story …

Ambrose Bierce - The Devil's Dictionary

A while ago I downloaded a dictionary and thesaurus for my laptop, merely for the sake of having it there, although at the time I didn’t realise how useful it would come to be. 1,228 more words

Ambrose Bierce: author mysteriously vanished at 71

Lindy Moon’s novel Hyperlink from Hell set me on a mission to learn more about the author who at age 71 marched off to war (again!)… 1,114 more words

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How marvelous that Carol Kean brought all this information together. Ambrose Bierce was a truly innovative writer of fiction -- not to mention the author of The Devil's Dictionary! And here it is.