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Lesson # 34: There is a story behind everything.

Have you ever had a conversation with a child that left you wondering why things are they way they are? Recently I have had a few conversations with my son about the origin of words. 572 more words

Parke (August 14, 1864)

With Burnside sent on what would turn out to be a permanent leave, Maj. Gen. John Parke takes command of the IX Corps. Like Meade, Parke was a Philadelphian and a West Point-trained engineer. 268 more words

A Simple Matter of Justice (August 13, 1864)

George Gordon Meade confronts General Grant about the question of who should command the new military division, and remains baffled by his superior officer.

Grant was here yesterday to transact some business. 1,052 more words

Sheridan (August 10, 1864)

The Phil Sheridan situation moves from the back to the front burner and Meade simmers with indignation.

The Washington papers of yesterday announce Sheridan being… 271 more words

Ambrose Burnside

Born: May 23, 1824 in Liberty, Indiana

Died: September 13, 1881 in Bristol, Rhode Island

Military Rank (USA): Major General

Important People

Rows (August 3, 1864)

Meade’s “row” with Burnside stems from the Battle of the Crater and will lead to Burnside’s departure from the army. Meade also had an ongoing row with Philip Sheridan, dating back to at least their peppery encounter at Todd’s Tavern back in May. 536 more words