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General-in-Chief (April 13, 1864)

When it comes to Meade’s relationship with Ulysses S. Grant, so far, so good. Before getting to Meade’s letter, here is what Grant communicated to Meade regarding his plans, in an order written on April 9: 1,137 more words

Supermodels Need Not Apply

As women we are so concerned with perfection. We want to be skinny, pretty, smart, funny, tall, short, have straight hair or curly hair. Need I go on? 796 more words


Oh yes. The Moustache (variation of ‘mustache’ I am told).

And what man is not proud of his – - – upper lip growth?

Poe’s mustache, like himself, appears to be a little twisted. 153 more words


Pity the Generals

“I think that the damn old cuss of a preacher lied like Dixie. For he said that God has fought all our battles and won our victories. 1,505 more words


Rhode Island's Industrial Might Boosted the Union's War Effort

(This essay was originally published by the Newport Daily News on February 19, 2014.)

Many historians consider the Civil War the first “modern war,” by which they are referring to two things. 762 more words