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Judith Ripka "Ambrosia" White Sapphire Heart Pendant Necklace, 17"

A symbol of affection, this sparkling pendant by Judith Ripka captures your heart while elevating your style. From the Ambrosia collection, this piece makes a stunning gift – perfect for everyday wear.

LOTD 8/16/14

So we were watching Family Fued the other day and one of the questions was about break up foods. There were four answers and of course all four answers are basically what my diet consists of =P So I must be in a perpetual state of breaking up lol There were four answers and they were Ice Cream, Chocolate, Pizza & Macaroni :D Not bad right? 118 more words

LOTD 8/14/14

Oi so I meant to post this yesterday but my rl schedule got busy, time flew by, mistakes were made, jailtime was spent and whambamwtf here I am today :D Hope everyone had an enjoyable and eventful Hump Day yesterday like I did =P… 87 more words

LOTD 8/12/14

I am on a roll with these LOTD titled posts aren’t I =P So we finally got coolerish weather. Some overcast skies and a little bit a rain. 192 more words

Basically-Raw* Vegan Banana Curry.....!

I love bananas. And curry. Together? YES.

It works!

Since awakening spiritually, and eating raw, I can’t hack hot spicy food anymore. But I love the curry flavour when it’s mild and sweet. 548 more words


Manga Fair is almost overrr!

So hurry up and get over there =P It ends in a couple days. There are tons of designers with lots of stuff not to mention the sim is kawaii beyond belief so it’s definitely worth checking out! 70 more words