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Z Nation vs. The Walking Dead

Syfy hopes to take a page from AMC’s The Walking Dead and find ratings gold with its new zombie drama Z Nation.

Z Nation, picked up straight to series, hails from Eureka producer Karl Schaefer and centers on the struggle to save humanity after a zombie apocalypse. 205 more words


SyFy's Z Nation is not a threat to AMC's The Walking Dead, I will be watching both

I don’t understand why there is so much fear that SyFy’s new Zombie Apocalypse TV Series will be better then AMC’s The Walking Dead. And so what if it is. 97 more words

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TV News: AMC Releases Quick The Walking Dead Teaser

The Walking Dead Season 5 is coming soon and AMC has released a new brief trailer for the premiere episode.  Blink and it’s over at 11 seconds, but check the video out below.


4TH AND LOUD: Can Viewers Take the 'L.A. KISS' Arena Football Team Seriously?

4TH AND LOUD on AMC follows the journey of the L.A. KISS, an expansion-level arena football team owned by, who else, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. 538 more words


Allow Me to Make a Case For Carl Grimes

 *WARNING: This post contains spoilers for AMC’s The Walking Dead. Continue reading at your own discretion*

Carl Grimes is a fictional character in both The Walking Dead comic book series and AMC television show. 1,335 more words


Matthew Weiner: 'Mad Men' On HBO Would Have Meant A Lot More 'Nakedness and Violence'

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner did a Reddit AMA yesterday, ostensibly to promote his new movie Are You Here. But, as you can imagine, seeing as Mad Men just wrapped production on its final chunk of episodes and it’s by far and away Weiner’s claim to fame, most of the questions focused on the show: the music, the writing process, the many Bobby Drapers, etc. 315 more words


AMC Makes The Most Baffling Programming Decision Since Airing 'Small Town Security' After 'Breaking Bad'

Last year, after AMC’s much hyped Low Winter Sun bit the ratings dust in dramatic fashion, the network was smart enough to let that series go. 505 more words