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AMC Theaters Tests Monthly Movie Subscription Service

Subscription models have rapidly dominated the entertainment market with Netflix leading movie and television streaming and Spotify leading in music. The pay-per-month deal is an attractive offer for those who frequently binge-watch movies and whole TV series late at night where no one can see their baggy eyes and mounds of junk food (one more episode, I swear!). 95 more words


A Few Thoughts About The Interview

It was a sad day for the movie world when on 17 December 2014, Sony announced that they were cancelling plans to release The Interview… 682 more words


Say It Ain't So(ny)

There are few topics I have debated writing about as much as the debacle involving Sony and The Interview. As an opinionated person with a blog, I felt that I almost needed to write something, but then the situation would become more complicated, completely disorganizing my thoughts. 1,048 more words


AMC Casts Hong Kong Film Star Daniel Wu as 'Badlands' Lead

Hong Kong film star Daniel Wu has been cast as the lead in the upcoming martial arts series “Badlands,” AMC announced Friday.

The series, which is based on the classic Chinese tale “Journey to the West,” follows a ruthless warrior (Wu) and a young boy who take a dangerous journey together to find enlightenment. 135 more words


Daniel Wu To Star In AMC Martial Arts Drama Series 'Badlands'

AMC has tapped Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu to play the lead of its direct-to-series martial arts drama Badlands (working title). Wu also will serve as an executive producer on the six-episode series, loosely based on the Chinese tale Journey To The West. 148 more words


Cinema Blend Post: The Walking Dead/ Love Actually Mashup

Who doesn’t remember this moment from Love Actually?

Or this moment from The Walking Dead?

It seems that I’m not the only one who has had trouble reconciling the fact that the man behind this sweet though slightly sketchy–let’s not forget this is his best friend’s new wife–gesture from… 69 more words


Are You Ready to Embrace Success/Wealth?

Success & rich quotient? I was stunned and baffled when when I was asked to complete the questionnaire in 15 minutes. Not only I had to complete it within the stipulated time but also because of the title and the kind of questions posed. 585 more words

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