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“You’re either the butcher or the cattle.”

*The Walking Dead, Season 5 Episode 1*

Okay, first off can I just say that this was one of the most anxiously anticipated season premiers I have ever experienced. 778 more words


Walking Dead S5-E2 Review **SPOILERS**

In this episode, after having been mostly reunited, the group come upon the mysterious Father Gabriel, who leads them to his camp, a sealed-off church where he has been surviving off of canned goods that were intended for charity before the Apocalypse.  498 more words


The Walking Dead Strangers: Bob and Food for Thought

The Walking Dead Strangers: Bob and Food for Thought

After watching The Walking Dead: Strangers episode last night and then re-watching, as it was recorded on DVR, there was something about Bob and the one-sided conversation he was having with Gareth that provided something more than chills as the Terminus survivors nibbled on Stookey’s leg, pardon the pun, but the whole interaction provided a bit of food for thought. 19 more words


A Closer Look: The Walking Dead - Strangers

Coming off its insane Season 5 premier, The Walking Dead kept this season going with another powerful episode. Is everyone out there truly too far gone or are there still some good people left? 1,966 more words


Previously on The Walking Dead, Hey Coral, we got us a walker.