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iPads are not just cool, they also can help some with AMD keep in touch with the world

Since my mother developed age-related macular degeneration (AMD), she has been trying everything to see. A $3,000 plus reading machine did not help her. In fact, she’s tried two of them. 672 more words


Obsessed of PC Gaming? Check Out GTX 980 and GTX 970

Updated: Sep 19, 2014 20:39 IST

Both Nvidia and AMD have new graphics cards coming out – looking to address different parts of the market with faster and more efficient silicon. 192 more words

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Good Budget Laptops (currently)


Here are a couple of links to some budget laptops you can get at your local electronics store. I will be updating this as the AMD Kaveri laptops become more prominent. 70 more words

AMDとCanonical、OpenStackクラウド・イン・ア・ラック製品を発表 [ #cbajp ]

「Ubuntu Linux」の開発を手がけるCanonicalは数カ月前、思いがけずヒット製品を手にした。それが「Ubuntu Orange Box」だ。「OpenStack」クラウド・イン・ア・ボックスであるこの製品は、コンシューマー向けのコンポーネントを使って作られているものの、5月に開催された「OpenStack Summit」の花形となった。それから数カ月が経ち、CanonicalはAMDと提携し、OpenStackクラウド・イン・ア・ボックスというアイデアを、OpenStackクラウド・イン・ア・ラックというところにまで推し進めた。



Gaming PC under $500?

On a tight budget but need a PC? yet you want something more out of that piggy bank funds. well here at PC-MV we will try to help you build a rig that would suffice to your gaming/computing needs under a budget. 535 more words


Well trodden roads lead to nowhere..

Hair:  enVOGUE  – HAIR Nicole – Dark Browns

Skin: (AMD) Vixen – Deep Tan

Dress:  Aura Blue - Gogo Mini Red and Blue  (Fresh Style Passion4Fashion… 15 more words


Weeks 33-36: Suicide Sidewalk Worms

What’s a “suicide sidewalk worm?” Sounds like a punk rock band, doesn’t it? If any of you have a garage band in need of a name, feel free to use it. 658 more words

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