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Show not tell- yes, more!

Instead of writing “The sea was rough”, the kids came up with these.

"Brain on Break" gives family a good laugh

We had some snow a month or so ago, real snow. The kind that comes down in huge flakes and you  can see it piling up in a very short time. 337 more words


Family Visit

Hello everyone — I’m guest posting this week, since Kim decided that I should contribute at least SOMETHING to this blog! And since it was my family who came to visit, I suppose she’s right. 519 more words

This again.

Hopefully no one is looking at my blog today. PFF!

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Amy Pond Quick Sketch

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I found out what vacations are all about!

So, I feel like a lot of the ways that we are raised here in America, we aren’t really prepared for being adults.
I mean, we go to school and it is only 6 hours. 500 more words


22 Weeks!

Guess what!?!?!  I have an interview today with my manager for that promotion I wanted!  I’m so excited.  The recruiter was dragging her feet so I’m skipping the recruiter interview and jumping straight to meeting with the hiring manager. 243 more words