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Road rhythm

Amelia travels the road again
The air smells of music with a taste of sun

Golden road rhythm and fresh sky for breakfast

Amelia drives north seeking a mirror … 132 more words


Who is Cthulhu All-Spark?

Parents of a newborn asked the social networking community to name their first child together.

Father, Stephen McLaughlin, created the website, ‘namemydaughter.com‘, which would allow family, friends and other Internet users to vote on a name for his daughter. 169 more words


I'm just here.

Okay, do you ever have a day where you are trying to drive to work, but you are so tired you feel like you could run into a wall at any given second? 299 more words



Artemis & Amelia indulge in ecstatic thievery over something rarely in da house – peanut M&Mmmmms, oh my!


Show not tell- yes, more!

Instead of writing “The sea was rough”, the kids came up with these.

"Brain on Break" gives family a good laugh

We had some snow a month or so ago, real snow. The kind that comes down in huge flakes and you  can see it piling up in a very short time. 337 more words


Family Visit

Hello everyone — I’m guest posting this week, since Kim decided that I should contribute at least SOMETHING to this blog! And since it was my family who came to visit, I suppose she’s right. 519 more words