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Miracle Woman or Miracle Man ~ Let's Connect

Thanks for reading the Miracles and Hard-ons post that supports this video. So excited to meet you. 678-632-4280


Everything you've ever done

“Everything You’ve Ever Done”: Excerpts from the upcoming book available now!

It’s a pungent, rollicking book about two center-of-every-party types who lived hard and full—and the soundtrack is pure rock-n-roll.

90 more words

Daddy Salami Intervenes

“Why…if it isn’t Daddy Salami,” Mark Malone said.

“What gave me away, cur-face?” Salami returned.

“Exactly.” Mark laughed a bit. “Your face.”

Salami’s mouth fell open. 355 more words


I used to bad ass. Then I learned to fly.

Yesterday I became obsessed with Amelia Earhart for the first time. It was the first time she really affected me, you know? Even though I had heard her story before. 162 more words


For English, Press 1

Olivia: Amelia, eat your “kweetch” or it’s going to get cold.

Amelia: It’s pronounced “quiche,” Ollie.

Olivia: No, mom wrote q-u-i-c-h-e. That’s “kweetch.”

Amelia: Yeah but I think it’s from a different language. 25 more words

The Case of The Unsettling Lurker

Sometimes you walk down the hall of your home and see this in the extra room. Right? I mean, that’s happened to you too, right?