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It's Daytime.

A follow-up to my children’s poem/bedtime story would be that it is now daytime and I am exhausted.
Everything is the worst this morning and no joke I woke up this morning and my first action was deciding I would rather sleep 30 more minutes than take a shower. 127 more words


Amelia wearing her Wellingtons 6

This is the last post of the lovely Amelia wearing her Wellingtons for the time being but you can catch her on http://siguensiendodiosas.com


Amelia wearing her Wellingtons 5

Another selection of the lovely Amelia wearing her Wellingtons.

You can meet Amelia on http://siguensiendodiosas.com


Jon, Hayley And Beautiful Amelia

Only see Jon and the family a couple of times a year and love every minute when I do

Every Day Stuff

Maternity Shoot

Hello Friends. On Sunday I did my boudoir shoot and Monday evening I did my more traditional maternity shoot. I don’t have the boudoir shots back yet but since the traditional one was done on my own camera I have them, ready to share. 92 more words

Positive Outlook

Now, about hummingbirds...

Okay, I have been a little worried lately that I haven’t been the most positive on my blog.
I have come off as a bit of a downer and someone who is highly insecure, which is not how I really am. 350 more words


Amelia wearing her Wellingtons 4

It was raining so Amelia slipped her Wellingtons on when she went out.

You can follow Amelia on http://siguensiendodiosas.com