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Meet Amelia: IPsoft’s New Artificial Intelligence Platform Interacts Like a Human

Meet Amelia: IPsoft’s New Artificial Intelligence Platform http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20140929005268/en/Meet-Amelia-IPsoft%E2%80%99s-Artificial-In…
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The Concept of Artificial Intelligence
Since their invention in the early 20th century,…

Color Coded Business Casual

So, today we had corporate come into our new Provo office as a lot of our new interns were starting today.
Now, it was not required that we wear business casual,  but pretty much everyone ended up dressing up, because it was almost implied since the Vice President and HR was coming down. 196 more words


Please come home now..

I wrote this 5 years ago. I wrote this just after my friend was taken away from the world by a cruel hand. I miss her so so much, sometimes i cannot comprehend what god had in mind when he decided this would happen. 417 more words


Everyone knows about those one in a thousand pets. Amelia was one in five thousand, if not more. In the sea of ratlets, Amelia stood out, and was one of the first to be named, after Earhart, because she was a precocious explorer from the start. 304 more words


What's Robotic Process Automation? And who is Amelia?

IPsoft recently announced the launch of Amelia, their intelligent personal assistant. IPsoft also offers robotic process automation (RPA) technology that could drastically expand the capabilities of the average virtual customer care agent. 25 more words

Intelligent Virtual Agent Vendors

Your own personal AI helper gets one step closer with Amelia

We hear more and more about artificial intelligence, how it could change the world, take our jobs and so. But as yet, there’s not a very clear, practical example of an AI that we can point to as a tool or presence in our day to day lives. 132 more words