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He was older than she expected him to be

She gazed at the man in front of her. It didn’t fit. He was older than she expected him to be. He wasn’t suppose to be in his thirties. 1,237 more words

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You know who you are...

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The struggle is real.

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Thrift Haul!

So I went to a boot fair and of course came back with a few items which I’d like to share with you. Boot fairs and thrifting are such great ways to get low price pieces and since every time you go is so completely different, I love the variety you can find. 358 more words

It's Daytime.

A follow-up to my children’s poem/bedtime story would be that it is now daytime and I am exhausted.
Everything is the worst this morning and no joke I woke up this morning and my first action was deciding I would rather sleep 30 more minutes than take a shower. 127 more words


Ad tempus

“Oh Malcom, relax,” she pleaded. “Nothing bad is going to happen.

“Then why do it at all?” He grunted.

“For fun?”

“Tampering with magic is not my idea of fun.” 1,957 more words

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Amelia wearing her Wellingtons 6

This is the last post of the lovely Amelia wearing her Wellingtons for the time being but you can catch her on http://siguensiendodiosas.com


Amelia wearing her Wellingtons 5

Another selection of the lovely Amelia wearing her Wellingtons.

You can meet Amelia on http://siguensiendodiosas.com