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A cup of tea: extending the olive branch

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”

- Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady… 412 more words


This is Not a Poem About Cadavers

The tiniest flicker

From the deepest dark.
Well wishes choked and placed on hold.

Hell bent to spellbound,
Not everything fades.

Cover untouched ground, 79 more words

Self Growth

A beautiful girl

I know a very beautiful girl, both inside and out. Our issues with one another are long buried. I truly wish others would stop worrying about she and I and whether or not we should be friends. 33 more words

Rebuilding My Life at 3D

Taking some charge of things here at 3D cause no one else will or wants to. I don’t want to either, but my controlling side is fine with being in control of what transpires during the day around here. 577 more words

Alcohol Recovery

Just Say Thank You.

I’ve always had a hard time with compliments, accolades, really any positive words directed toward me. It has been my experience that this is a fairly common trait among alcoholics. 1,908 more words

Dedicated to My Mom and Sister. Unconditional...

Un-cried tears in silence.
Prayers on bended knees.
Wakeful moments in the dark,
Preceding interrupted sleep.

Arms wrapped around me,
Reluctant to let me go. 153 more words


Sorry I Hurt You

I have been kind of floating around 3D, going to work, coming home and attending meetings. David, my sponsor, asked that we meet after the meeting tonight. 1,207 more words

Alcohol Recovery