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Trace Adkins, Til The Last Shots Fired.


We have all heard part of this song if you watch TV The entire song is awesome with an end that is truly moving.


Team America, we need you!!!

Okay, first off.  WTF!!!  I mean WTF, America, where did you stash your balls???  Were we afraid of what would happen when Superman bitch slapped Hitler?   231 more words


Review of the 2014 MLS season

Here is a review from The Guardian in the UK of the 2014 MLS season.


#SorryAsianParents: A documentation of my failure and success as an “Asian-American”

By Airec Sype

I am Asian-American.

What does that mean exactly? Shit, I don’t really know.

I guess if you break AA down to its two root words, my ethnicity is composed of Asian and American. 1,248 more words


The "Boots on the Ground" Cliche: A Feeble Distinction that Sustains Interventionism

America has a terminology problem. It’s fully engaged in a long, ultimately quixotic war (note not effort, or project, but hot war) against terrorism and instability, but, fresh off its experience with OIF, is unwilling to “commit boots on the ground.” Commit everything else, just so long as the 3rd ID isn’t deploying. 269 more words


Top Five in Chicago

Hi! My name is Emma and I am Char’s sister. I was lucky enough to get to go to Chicago in May for a conference. Here are the top things I did there! 359 more words


Photo albums

Yesterday I chanced upon some photo albums that I don’t think I saw in a long time, and I looked through it and saw not just photos of myself and my brother in America (specifically the state of Massachusetts), but also some old messages of farewell, obviously referring to the time we stopped going to study in America and started staying in the UK. 217 more words