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And Another Thing...

It has been nearly thirteen years since nearly 3,000 people killed in New York, at the Pentagon and near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Of course we can never forget the events of that day. 327 more words


Will Persecution Come to the Church in America?

Will persecution come to the church in America?

Great question.

My answer = YES and NO and I DON’T KNOW!

First of all, as I look at history and compare it to what I see unfolding here in America … 210 more words



When I came here, I was under the illusion that I would find the classes easy given my years of experience teaching the subject. It even crossed my mind, coming clean to the professors about my unfair advantage. 528 more words

This guy is an American Warrior AWESOME!

BY FOX NEWS INSIDER //SEP 21 2014 // 11:18AM


On the night of April 6, 2007, in Iraq’s Anbar Province, Navy SEAL Sr. 56 more words


Mr. Obama Needs to Step Down from Office

Mr. Obama needs to step down from the office of president.

He has proved that he’s only an oval office resident.

He has no interest in the protection of America. 356 more words


24 Hours in Portland

Okay more like 36 hours in Portland. After a series of unfortunate events, (followed by moments of impulsiveness) I found myself with hotel booked for the weekend in lovely Portland, Oregon. 516 more words


Defeat Not Degrade ISIS Correct Strategy

By Con George-Kotzabasis

Brief reply to: An Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) First Strategy

By Robert Bunker Small Wars Journal August 30, 2014… 320 more words