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Obama Ditches 60% of Intells Briefings

Obama ditches 60% of his intelligence briefings.

There’s no debriefing,

Are you kidding?

This administration is riddling.

This recent news is chilling.

Our president would rather be golfing.

Somewhere, someplace, someone is laughing.


The Biggest Threat America faces Is a President that Doesn't Care

Do you want a president that takes time to read his intelligence briefings?

Or do you want a president that only cares about campaign dealings? 110 more words


Almost a Second Beheading In Oklahoma

There was almost another beheading.

But you don’t see it or hear it in the heading.

But thanks to the Drudge Report I was reading. 58 more words



Hello all, I’m looking for some advice from the couple of you who might actually see and read this. I have 117 credits and an excellent gpa, if i finish this semester i would be able to get government recognition of the education that i already possess from my ‘college years’. 610 more words

American Dream

ጋቢ ስካርፍ

I thought it overkill when I saw it being worn in the አዲስ አበባ ክረምት by a repatriated diaspora. መጋረጃ ይመስላል እኮ!  She promised me that they would come in very handy come December this side of the world. 47 more words