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Romain Gary captures my fascination for America in one sentence

I’m reading White Dog in English for Romain Gary Literature Month in May and on the second page, here’s a quote that sums up

That day, a rainstorm hit Los Angeles with the kind of larger-than-life fury you soon come to expect in America, where everything tends to be more dramatic and violent than elsewhere, with both nature and man trying to outdo each other at the art of showmanship.

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Freedom Tower

Sometimes that’s all you have
when you have nothing else.
If you have it, you have everything

Color Street Photography

Lazy Boy Lounging
Celebrating Cannabis
Riding In Style


As my thesis comes to a close, I look back on the preliminary photographs that sparked my passion for this topic. My thesis explores cultural hybridization in America by looking at three Indo-Chic commodities henna, hatha yoga, and Holi powder. 30 more words

Some final thoughts...

Having been back home in Melbourne for two weeks now, Hayden and I had some final thoughts about our trip.

We both thought of these answers without telling each other, so it was interesting to see what things we agreed on and what things we had differing opinions on. 1,525 more words