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Containers - photo challenge

Containers, containers, containers, they are all around, every shape and color.  But living containers are a part of our everyday world, that if we did not have, we would not be here long. 101 more words

Making A Difference

The Greatest Threat to American Security is Obama Himself

Either Obama is incompetent, or is deliberately weakening our country.  Whatever it is, he has become the greatest threat to American security by himself.  In regards to Russian aggression against Ukraine and Crimea, and threats of action against other European nations, Obama has done nothing of consequence.

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Still crazy after all these years.....

47th wedding aniv.

Left the LA Quinta with yogurts and apple once again headed for Zion but first stop at Colorado Natl. Monument Natl. Park.  It is not a monument but miles and miles of  incredibly beautiful red rock formations in canyons.   206 more words

Obscure names companies use to hide artificial sweeteners

, AminoSweet, 
Aspartyl-phenylalanine-1-methyl, Ester 
Canderel, Equal Classic
, NatraTaste, Blue


:  TwinSweet

Cyclamate and saccharin

: Sugar alcohol
, Zerose, 
ZSweet… 93 more words


5 Preconceptions Foreigners Have About America

I was browsing VisaJourney earlier and I came across a future US resident posting that their friends and family were telling them terrible things in advance of their move to the US, with a focus on gun crime and obesity. 649 more words


Today I saw my father cry. I don’t really know him that well. I learned that my grandfather died when my father was a grown man, perhaps in his forties. 515 more words