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Tricked Into the Old

I recently read an inspirational story that I had to share.  The story is an example of how we can be tricked into believing that one way is the only way, and that you can never change your environment: 208 more words

Bobby Jorgensen

James Foley's critics are the real cowards

And when I talk about his critics, I don’t just mean Charles C. Johnson (although, seriously, screw that guy).

Since news of Foley’s beheading by ISIS first broke… 431 more words


Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

In response to the article about an elderly man being mugged, and the increasingly desperate acts all over the country, I begin to reflect on why these people are lashing out so brazenly and increasingly often.  153 more words



I didn’t mean to write this post. It started the way a lot of my ideas do. I was watching documentaries about food. My reason was simple: I want to be healthier. 798 more words


Rick Perry Indictment: Criminalizing Politics and Constitutional Authority

Wed Aug 20 WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM  Inside AMERICA Today: This Summer in AMERICA: Kids Eating less Ice Cream; Summer Camps less Hiking more Tech; Adults taking off Fridays. 36 more words

One of those days... (explicit)

I’m just crabby today – so crabby that Cheryl told me not to talk to anyone at work, so I don’t get fired. So, I’m venting here. 467 more words