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"The AAUP's Ludicrous Declaration"

In 1916, the New York Times denounced the newly-formed AAUP’s Declaration of Principles in an editorial that defined “Academic freedom” as “the inalienable right of every college instructor to make a fool of himself and of his college by…intemperate, sensational prattle about every subject under heaven, to his classes and to the public…” (Actually, that’s a pretty good definition of academic freedom.) 939 more words


The Great War and the Creation of the AAUP

This year, 2014, is the centennial of the outbreak of war in Europe which quickly escalated into the senseless slaughter of World War I. Charles Schenck, a secretary of the Socialist Party, opposed the draft during The Great War, a term that many used to describe World War I. 1,056 more words

Academic Freedom

Teaching Evaluation Survey

By Craig Vasey

As the new chair of the AAUP’s Committee on Teaching, Research, and Publications, I asked the committee members what we could do this year to be of service to the AAUP and to the profession. 305 more words


Colorado Community College Faculty Bill of Rights

The following is reproduced from the website of the Colorado Conference of the AAUP. 

Faculty Bill of Rights Proposes to End Adjunct Labor

by Suzanne Hudson… 1,164 more words


AAUP and CUCFA Announce Partnership Agreement

The following is the text of a media release issued this morning by the American Association of University Professors and the Council of University of California Faculty Associations. 668 more words


Adding to the Armamentarium of Academic Freedom

Robert Kreiser, a former staffer of the American Association of University Professors Department of Academic Freedom, Tenure and Governance, spoke at an Illinois Conference annual meeting. 1,062 more words