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The Emotional Wellbeing of Non-Tenure Track Faculty

A recently released research article in the July issue of Frontiers in Psychology, authored by Gretchen M. Reevy and Grace Deason, finds that the very stigma of non-tenure track employment—now a reality for some 70% of higher education faculty members in the U.S.—brings with it an increase in stress, depression, and anxiety. 316 more words


"Useful idiots" college professors discover the reality of Obamacare

The term “useful idiots” refers to people who serve as propagandists for a political cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause. 481 more words

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The Looming Crisis in Higher Education

The “real problem” behind the exploitation of adjunct faculty is quite obvious: universities have continued to produce a reasonable number of Ph.D.’s but no longer are willing to hire a reasonable number of them into full-time, never mind tenure-track, positions. 869 more words


Committee A Report to the 2014 AAUP Annual Meeting

The following is the text of the report of Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure to the AAUP Annual Meeting, delivered by Committee Chair and AAUP First Vice-President Hank Reichman on June 14.  1,306 more words


Faculty Cuts at Quinnipiac

On the evening of Monday, May 5, the deans at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut received an email informing them of a staffing meeting the next day. 502 more words


"They May be Flying Machine Advocates"

The American conception of academic freedom arose with the Progressive Era in the 1890s primarily because of social scientists who advocated for reforms that negatively affected financial interests. 782 more words