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When Adam lost Lilith

I’m sorry,
I’m such an asshole – honey,
trickling down
will always taste
as sweet, nay matter
which lip it dost lay upon,
either thou ‘r – I… 102 more words



Hustle the figure
into the socket,
complete with
milking and filling.
Pining for a space
to sat-isfy
all those
bubbling pre-
and singeing at… 92 more words


Rock Chronology #177: Truckin'

“Truckin'”, The Grateful Dead, 1970.

The Grateful Dead broke into the mainstream in 1970 by releasing two successful albums. In fact the second album, American Beauty… 109 more words



After watching the movie American Beauty produced in 1999, I was thinking that there were many interpersonal conflicts with many different people in the cast; but the main theme I think is, when did we stop talking?  705 more words

American Beauty

There was just something poetic about it

Ok, so I could not resist. One more for the road…

This image has been in my computer since last April. Ever since I returned from my trip to wonderful Barcelona, it just been waiting there. 92 more words


Top 5 Movies on My Watchlist

Recently I’ve been watching a lot more movies than I used to. With it comes of course the difficulty of picking a movie to watch. Here are the top five picks from my watchlist that I’m hoping to watch soon. 180 more words

American Beauty

Personal Growth/Self Development in Film

Frequently mentioned are the classic texts of the self-development industry. Off the top of my head, I would recall “Napoleon Hill- Think and Grow Rich”,“Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People” and Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits”. 505 more words

Personal Growth