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American Language Phrasing

As I ready my American Language lesson for this week… with a focus on fluency and phrasing in speech…

I’m drawn to a method that I have often found to be quite useful:         849 more words

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Negotiations and The Art of Losing


you know WHAT you are doing and WHY you are doing it!!

Which means, there is a time to “win” and a time to “lose…” which is part of what Pete Seeger was trying to tell us back in the 50’s in his song; … 684 more words

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American Business Launch

Work from Home but operate your business in the U.S. The best business opportunities are in America so setup your very own U.S. company, U.S. bank account and sell your goods and services to the World’s largest economy. 15 more words

"Another completely dead day." -- NYSE shares changing hands at near record lows, Volatility at lows not seen since 1970

Volatility has reached a low seen on just 1.5% of trading days since 1970

By Dan Strumph
The Wall Street Journal

June 6, 2014 1,035 more words

Learn American Academy Entrepreneur Interview Series

Meet George Morris

In this piece, George shares with us his perceptions on being an Entrepreneur, how and why he got started, and some things to consider once YOU make the decision to become an Entrepreneur and work for yourself. 73 more words

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