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Serotonin not found to be a major player in depression

New study throws into question long-held belief about depression



“serotonin is not a major player in the condition, and different factors must be involved” 580 more words

Ineffective Treatments

This Month in STEM: August 2014

Summer wrapped up with a plethora of exciting STEM news. Here are some of our favorite headlines for the month of August.

Animal Kingdom

According to a new study, we have more in common with spiders than we may like to think. 623 more words

Wanna Pee In The Ocean? Go Ahead!

Admit it, you’ve peed in the ocean.

No, don’t try to tell us otherwise, you’re lying. It’s a rite of passage when going to the beach. 192 more words


Recap for 88th ACS Colloid & Surface Science Symposium


The 88th American Chemical Society Colloid & Surface Science Symposium was held at University of Pennsylvania from June 22 through 25. This year, the symposium was co-chaired by three distinguished scientists from UPenn, … 705 more words

Research News & Insights

Sticks and Stones (and Marketing Hyperbole and Such)

Did you know your coffee may have twigs, stones or even ground up ducklings? It’s true and it’s horrifying. This means that those dodgy, crafty coffee farmers are up to their old tricks again! 612 more words


Guest post: Health alert over fracking’s chemical cocktails

19th August 2014

Tim Radford, of the Climate News Network, reports in this guest post on how scientists in the US have established that some chemicals used in the controversial process of fracking to extract gas and oil could represent health and environmental hazards.  521 more words

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Study Has Potentially Worrisome News About Antimicrobials And Pregnancy

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (CBS) – Uh-oh. It may be time to add two more chemicals to the list of things for pregnant women to avoid. 312 more words