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ACS Reactions Video: Chemistry of Pizza!

The Chemistry of Pizza – Reactions

Oops alert! Casein is spelled incorrectly at 2:26. Thanks to an eagle-eyed viewer!

Whether it’s a plain cheese, a deep-dish stacked with meats or a thin-crust veggie delight, there’s just something about pizza that makes it delicious. 67 more words


SciCast/ACS Webinar - Forecasting Chemistry: Predicting Tomorrow's Cutting Edge Science, Today

Last month, SciCast joined ACS for a webinar, Forecasting Chemistry: Predicting Tomorrow’s Cutting Edge Science, Today. 114 more words

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Finally, Science Tackles Skunky Beer!

As Oktoberfest celebrations continue through the weekend, the American Chemical Society has provided a critical public service by explaining why beers turn skunky and how one can avoid this misfortune. 112 more words


'Fracking' wastewater that is treated for drinking produces potentially harmful compounds

The resulting waste water is highly radioactive and contains high levels of heavy metals and salts called halides (bromide, chloride and iodide)

Concerns that fluids from hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” are contaminating drinking water abound. 479 more words


Good mood foods: Some flavors in some foods resemble a prescription mood stabilizer

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 19, 2012 — New evidence reveals the possibility of mood-enhancing effects associated with some flavors, stemming at least in part from natural ingredients bearing a striking chemical similarity to valproic acid, a widely used prescription mood-stabilizing drug, scientists reported here today. 498 more words

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Red wine compound could help seniors walk away from mobility problems

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 19, 2012 — In a stride toward better health in later life, scientists reported today that resveratrol, the so-called “miracle molecule” found in red wine, might help improve mobility and prevent life-threatening falls among older people. 682 more words

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Coconut water is an excellent sports drink — for light exercise

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 20, 2012 — Coconut water really does deserve its popular reputation as Mother Nature’s own sports drink, a new scientific analysis of the much-hyped natural beverage concluded here today at the 244th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS). 476 more words

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