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Like As Of Fire

In an interesting bit of recent news, the results of the 2012 National Congregations Survey has reported that nearly 25% of American churches had speaking in tongues as a part of their worship in the year previous to the survey.  497 more words


No More Either/Or

The text of this post is drawn from the epilogue of my new book, The Long Road from Highland Springs: A Faith Odyssey. A book’s epilogue consists of a few thoughts, generally by the author, tucked into the book following the last chapter of the story. 1,452 more words


The Kingdom Difference: The Moral Responsibility of Being an Employer

It’s interesting how our immediate personal circumstances make us more sensitive to the situations and conditions of people around us. For example, have you noticed that, when you buy a new (or newer) car, especially if it’s a different model from your previous car, you begin to see the new model on the road far more frequently than you had noticed it before? 989 more words


In the Sky, In the Sky?

BioShock Infinite‘s Columbia is steeped in religious imagery.  When you first arrive, you pass through a welcome center that’s essentially a cathedral to Comstock, complete with smaller shrines to both Lady Comstock and Elizabeth in the wings.  1,340 more words


Part 6: The Actions & Attitude of Love

Today I am going to pick up the Mountaintop Motivations series based on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. The overall theme in today’s three sections will be love. 1,807 more words


They're Just Making This Up

I like Oriental Trading Company.  I grew up flipping through their magazine and watching my mom pick out items to buy for various events.  However, their “Fun and Faith” catalogs are becoming ridiculous–trying to force a cutesy version of Jesus to fit with any occasion and tossing out church traditions that have been around longer than any of their plastic toys. 311 more words


Recommended Reading: September 6-12

If you only read one article this week, read America Under Cultural Dhimmitude by Rod Dreher

There are lots of other article worth your read as well, broadly categorized below. 176 more words

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